Multi-User Accounts

Web conference management across your organization could not be simpler.

Whether you are a small team or large corporation, our easy-to-use business web conferencing solutions can save you time and money on travel while increasing productivity.

  • Fast setup and distribution
  • No user training necessary
  • Secure, reliable and scalable
  • OpenVoice Integrated toll-free service available with numbers
    in over 50 countries (corporate accounts only)

Multi-User Accounts for Large Organizations

A corporate multi-user account is right for you if you need to:

  • Enable 40 or more organizer seats or use active directory to provision them.
  • Arrange and manage organizers in groups or subgroups.
  • Enable or disable product features according to your security requirements and usage preferences.
  • Add your company logo to the waiting room page.

To request more information or purchase, contact sales free on 1 888 646 0014 or through one of our worldwide offices.

Multi-User Accounts for Small Teams

If you need 39 or fewer organizer seats and do not require organizer grouping, feature access control or branding capabilities, you can immediately
try GoToMeeting free or buy it now.

Administration Center

Organizer Seat Allocation

Administer all of your company’s GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar and GoToTraining organizers from the same encrypted website. (And in corporate multi-user accounts, arrange and manage organizers in groups or subgroups.)

Easy Setup

Enter new organizers’ email addresses in the online Administration Center. After they click the activation link in the automatically generated invitation email, the automatic setup process completes in minutes.

Active Directory Connector (ADC) (Corporate only)

Enterprise IT administrators can quickly and easily provision hundreds or thousands of organizers at once by integrating from their active directory to their corporate multi-user account using our ADC application.

Feature Access Control (Corporate only)

Enable or disable product features according to your security requirements and usage preferences.


Monitor Usage

Get stats on meeting, webinar and training sessions that are currently live. Track session information, usage statistics and daily ROI for individuals, groups and your entire company.


Additional Corporate Features



Company Logo Screen
Add your company logo to the Waiting Room page (what attendees see when you are not screen sharing).


Web Services APIs

Integrate GoToMeeting Corporate with your existing systems (such as your CRM, ERP or IT systems) or corporate website using two flexible Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). View the GoToMeeting API Fact Sheet (PDF)


Citrix XenApp® Integration

Integrate GoToMeeting into your XenApp environment.


Share GoToWebinar Recordings

Organizers can post their recorded webinars to GoToWebinar for easy sharing and on-demand viewing. They can also generate reports showing viewer registration information for these recorded webinars.


Shared Content Library
Share reusable content, such as training material, tests, surveys and recordings, with other trainers on your account.

OpenVoice Integrated Toll-Free Audio Services

Seamlessly integrates with GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar and GoToTraining to provide toll-free, toll-based and VoIP audio options.


Ease of Use

Set up your meeting and audio bridges in one click. With audio and web controls together in a single online interface, it’s easy to control all aspects of the session.


Seamless One-Click Recording

Easily record audio and online meetings together at no additional cost.


Lower Total Audio Costs

Get the best audio experience while lowering audio costs by combining toll-free audio with built-in VoIP and toll audio.


Standalone Audio Conferencing

In addition to integrated toll-free audio. OpenVoice is also available for standalone audio conferencing. Check out our OpenVoice audio conferencing site for details.

Live Product Demo

Contact Sales for a live demonstration of GoToMeeting or call 1 888 646 0014.


GoToMeeting Fact Sheet (PDF)
Read a two-page overview of GoToMeeting.

Video Conferencing Fact Sheet (PDF)
Learn about GoToMeeting with HDFaces™ high-definition video conferencing.

Collaboration Brochure (PDF)
Brief review of all our product offerings.

Case Studies
Read how other companies benefit from our solutions.

See how your meeting's confidentiality is protected.

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