Toll-Free Numbers by OpenVoice

Whether you want to add a toll-free option to your GoToMeeting sessions or just need audio conferencing, OpenVoice offers cost-effective, business-grade solutions that are easy for administrators, organizers and attendees.

OpenVoice Integrated

OpenVoice Integrated toll-free service helps increase GoToMeeting attendance by seamlessly adding a toll-free calling option, giving attendees who prefer calling in from traditional phone lines a way to avoid long-distance charges.

  • Toll-free scheduling is automatically integrated into GoToMeeting.
  • Attendees have the choice to join the audio via toll-free or the built-in VoIP or toll options.
  • Include attendees across the globe with toll-free numbers available in over 50 countries.
  • Seamlessly record web and audio at no cost and without additional equipment.
  • Automatically show toll-free numbers in all meeting communications.

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OpenVoice Audio Conferencing

When you just need audio conferencing – no screen sharing or video conferencing – use OpenVoice audio conferencing to make announcements or hold discussions with up to 500 participants without the need for operator assistance.

  • Control costs with real-time usage and reports.
  • Include attendees across the globe with toll-free numbers in over 50 countries.
  • Record conference calls with just a click and store on the OpenVoice website at no extra charge.
  • Sign up as many employees as needed at no cost – you only pay per minute for what you use.

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