Audio Conferencing Options

Whether you need built-in audio at no extra cost, standalone audio conferencing or an integrated toll-free service added to GoToTraining, we have a simple, low-cost solution for you.

Built-In Audio

GoToTraining includes unlimited audio conferencing at no extra cost to you. You can opt to use the provided toll-based phone conferencing number, the mic and speakers VoIP (a USB headset is recommended) or allow participants to choose between both options.

Integrated Toll-Free Service

You can still save on audio conferencing and also provide your attendees with a toll-free calling option that integrates seamlessly with GoToTraining. Integrated Toll-Free Service helps increase attendance by giving attendees who prefer calling in from traditional phone lines an additional option to avoid long-distance charges.

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Standalone Audio Conferencing

When you just need to have an audio conference, and don't need a full GoToTraining experience, use HiDef Corporate to conduct on-demand audio conferences with up to 500 participants from around the globe – without the need for operator assistance. Enable as many employees as needed at no cost. You only pay per minute for what you use.
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Easy to Administer

  • Set up and manage users online.
  • View usage and costs in real time.
  • Cost-effective with no hidden fees.

Easy to Use

  • Manage your calls with Web Controls.
  • Record and store your conference calls online.
  • Integrate with Microsoft Outlook.

How It Works

You can start a HiDef Corporate audio conference in three different ways:


  • Call the appropriate dial-in number
    from the country list.
  • Enter your conference room number
    and moderator PIN.
  • Give participants the dial-in number
    and conference room number – no
    reservation necessary.



  • Log in and click Invite and
    under My Conferences.
  • Add your contacts' names and email addresses.
  • Call the appropriate dial-in number from the country list.
  • Enter your conference room number and moderator PIN.

One call for all your audio and collaboration needs:
1 866 962 6488
. Contact us for stand-alone HiDef Corporate audio conferencing or free phone GoToMeeting integration.

See what our audio services include:
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