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Australian business consultancy firm uses GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar to teach prospects about its software and services.

"GoToWebinar is a great engagement tool that keeps the audience involved."

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With its clients and workers located all around the world, global resourcing company Globalign considers GoToMeeting a necessity for customer acquisition, training and collaboration.

"We expect GoToMeeting to play a huge role in future growth."

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Kaulkin Ginsberg

Kaulkin Ginsberg uses GoToMeeting to provide fast, high-impact and reliable demonstrations and training sessions to its customers in the financial services industry.

"GoToMeeting Corporate helps us make a great first impression."

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Xpitax LLC

Massachusetts-based tax and bookkeeping services provider Xpitax uses GoToMeeting to grow its outsourcing business and build strong relationships between U.S. clients and the company's staff in India.

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BigBand Networks

BigBand Networks, a leading provider of broadband multimedia platforms for video, voice and data, uses GoToMeeting for weekly staff meetings with employees in California, Massachusetts and Israel, as well as for cross-team and department collaboration.

"Since deploying GoToMeeting Corporate, we have seen a decrease in the average length of our company meetings because they're so much more productive."

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Marketron International

Marketron's sales department uses GoToMeeting to demonstrate its software products to radio and television broadcasters throughout North America.

"It cuts down on our travel costs, and our demos are more effective."

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Pearson Digital Learning

Pearson Digital Learning uses GoToMeeting to train its consultants, who then also employ GoToMeeting to train teachers across the United States to use Pearson educational software.

"GoToMeeting Corporate helps us facilitate powerful product training without needing to travel."

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University of Illinois at Chicago

A state university broadened its outreach with a cost-effective, interactive and inclusive online seminar on financial aid using GoToWebinar.

"Citrix Online web collaboration technology provided a new and creative way to build community goodwill, reach prospective students and strengthen our diversity efforts."

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American Institute of Certified Tax Coaches

An educational organization for tax professionals adopted GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar to increase services and reduce the costs and environmental impact of travel.

"GoToWebinar helps us present a professional image because it is so reliable."

View Case Study (PDF), a German financial information provider, uses GoToWebinar to conduct live webinars for a large number of attendees who expect high-resolution visuals and superb voice quality.

"We want to offer our customers the best preparation and training possible for this environment and that is why we rely on GoToWebinar technology."

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TradeSmart University

A startup provider of online classes in stock and options trading reaches 50,000 students worldwide in just three years using GoToWebinar as its web event platform.

"I never dreamed that a free, 30-day trial of GoToWebinar would lead to such rapid growth and the chance to make a difference for many thousands of people."

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Golden Ventures

By conducting live online training with GoToMeeting, Golden Ventures, a provider of healthcare for the elderly, increased training efficiency and lowered travel costs.

"With GoToMeeting Corporate, we were able to reorganize the training function and conduct more training with 50 percent fewer trainers."

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Cruise West

Cruise West, a small-ship cruise line, increases its business and enhances its image by providing real-time education for travel agents and customers with GoToWebinar.

"Better than any other solution, Citrix GoToWebinar has allowed us to enhance our brand and meet our high standards with customers."

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Globus family of brands

A leading tour company upgraded to GoToWebinar with Integrated Toll-Free audio service to deliver high-quality, cost-effective educational events for independent travel agents.

"Once I experienced GoToWebinar with the Integrated Toll-Free audio option, I realized it was the solution we needed to solve our conferencing problems."

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Papa John’s International

The world’s third-largest pizza company, Papa John’s International cuts travel costs by using GoToMeeting Corporate to meet with staff members and train franchisees in 49 states and 22 countries.

"If we conduct only five training sessions a year using GoToMeeting Corporate, that’s $50,000 in travel savings."

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DPR Construction

A large general contractor implemented GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar to enable collaboration on mobile and Mac devices, improve speed, reduce costs and enhance its technological leadership.

"The most exciting change has been the freedom to use the iPad and iPhone with GoToMeeting. Collaboration is now a lot easier and more convenient."

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The ease of use and collaboration features of GoToMeeting mean more-efficient training for sales staff at this iconic Australian manufacturing company.

"GoToMeeting satisfies all of our online meeting tool requirements because it is an anywhere, anytime solution."

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A global news distribution company reinforces its image as a technology leader via online training, education and client service using GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar.

"It allows us to support clients and staff whenever they need us, and that builds loyalty."

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Citrix GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar prove essential in helping an online not-for-profit organisation manage worldwide fundraising events.

"The easy-to-use GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar tools have proved invaluable in helping us get the message across and manage hugely successful one-day global events."

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Backup Technology

The provider of online backup and business continuity solutions uses GoToMeeting to drive sales by demonstrating its products and services to potential customers over the web.

"We have won some very notable customers with the help of GoToMeeting."

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BIRDVIEW Technologies

A provider of technology solutions for real estate agents and brokers, BIRDVIEW uses GoToWebinar to streamline its sales cycle.

"We have achieved impressive, measurable results from the GoToWebinar events."

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Check Point

The provider of a hosted human resource management system (HRMS) is increasing sales and expanding market reach by using GoToMeeting in the sales process.

"GoToMeeting enables us to do business hundreds or thousands of miles from our prospects and customers as if we're in the same room."

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COCC, Inc.

Technology provider for community banks and credit unions avoids costly travel by using GoToMeeting for sales presentations and customer training.

"Rather than flying and spending the night for a three-hour meeting, we're using GoToMeeting to meet remotely."

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Columbia Ultimate

Switching to GoToMeeting enabled Columbia Ultimate to eliminate budgeting headaches while increasing its ability to use online meetings to train customers on its software solutions.

"With GoToMeeting I don't have to spend any time worrying about overage charges."

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Cornerstone Information Systems

Using GoToMeeting to conduct sales demonstrations allowed this travel technology provider to eliminate unnecessary sales trips, enabling dramatic reductions in sales costs and increased productivity.

"By presenting our products online we reduced our cost of sales almost 50 percent."

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First Insight Corporation

Because training sessions are so easy to attend with GoToMeeting, enrollment has boomed at First Insight, a provider of software solutions for eye care professionals.

"Students report to us that they feel more confident using GoToMeeting."

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Inspired Marketing

A social media marketing company is achieving enviable growth and multi-million-dollar revenues using GoToWebinar for affordable, efficient outreach to customers and prospects.

"I'm convinced there is no better way to host a webinar, thanks to the ease and function that GoToWebinar provides."

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Now that MarketSharp uses GoToWebinar to demonstrate its remodelling software to larger remote audiences, its cost per sale has dropped 50 to 75 percent.

"GoToWebinar makes it very efficient for us to get our message out to hundreds of people at once."

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Pinpointe, a provider of on-demand email marketing automation services, capitalizes on GoToWebinar's flat-fee structure to schedule webinars for prospects and customers on multiple days, boosting response rates by 25 to 40 per cent.

"GoToWebinar is great because it is an incredibly cost-efficient medium."

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A Canadian software company enhances its high-touch, customer-centric reputation using GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar and GoToAssist for remote demos, education and technical support.

"Feedback from customers indicates they value Prophix because of our high-touch, customer-centric approach. GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar and GoToAssist enable us to demonstrate that personal touch."

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When collaborating on new 3D computer-aided design (CAD) software, SolidWorks developers appreciate that GoToMeeting provides true 24-bit color and scales to fit each person's screen.

"With GoToMeeting Corporate the "eureka" moments happen more frequently because everyone can see an accurate visual."

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SuccessFactors, Inc.

SuccessFactors, Inc., provides software solutions that specialize in helping organizations align their human resources with business goals. The company uses GoToMeeting to help salespeople easily and quickly demo products and GoToWebinar to generate cost-effective, high-quality webinar leads.

"We wanted one solution that could serve everyone's needs – sales, marketing, professional services. We found GoToMeeting with GoToWebinar was the best answer for all these teams."

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