GoToTraining + HD Video Conferencing

Add a new dimension to your online classes.

Teach and learn with anyone, anywhere, in HD.


  • Teach and see class attendees in HD.
  • Enjoy easy-to-use, intuitive video controls.
  • Engage with students like never before – regardless of distance.
  • Share up to six video feeds per session.

When to use video conferencing:

  • Multi-presenter training sessions: Keep your audience engaged during your online training sessions. Up to six presenters are able to share their webcams, helping yoru students connect personally to the class' instructors.
  • Small-group collaborative learning: Have more natural, impactful small-group discussions with students or a panel when you can see the people you're talking with.
  • Interactive Q&A: Enhance interaction and engagement during your class by allowing learners to turn on their webcams when asking questions.

Let's run down the details:

  • One-click video conferencing at no additional cost: Start sharing video with a single click.
  • Mac, PC and iPad support: Desktop and tablet users alike can share video over HDFaces.
  • Combined video and screen sharing: View up to six video streams and a shared desktop on the same screen.
  • Resizable viewer and layouts: Video layout can be adapted to virtually any screen and projection configuration.