GoToWebinar + HD Video Conferencing

Engage your audience with built-in HD video conferencing.

Present to huge audiences in HD.


  • Help your audience connect your voice to a face.
  • Enjoy easy-to-use, intuitive video controls.
  • Co-present with up to six video feeds per session.

When to use video conferencing:

  • Internal events: Give employees more than just a voice and a screen. Web conferencing humanizes the people leading training events and all-hands meetings.
  • Sales and product demonstrations: Perform a live, hands-on product demonstration for a big audience. Put a face to a name and build trust to close more business.

Let's run down the details:

  • One-click video conferencing at no additional cost: Start sharing video with a single click.
  • Mac, PC and iPad support: Desktop and tablet users alike can share video over HDFaces.
  • Combined video and screen sharing: View up to six panelist video streams and a shared desktop on the same screen.
  • Resizable viewer and layouts: Video layout can be adapted to virtually any screen and projection configuration.


Deb Ault

GoToWebinar User

“I can be in New York in the morning, Texas in the afternoon and California in the evening doing presentations – try doing that with an airplane! And the webcam feature totally rocks.”