GoToMeeting vs. Zoom

What you should know when looking for a Zoom alternative and comparing GoToMeeting vs Zoom.


The most trusted and reliable video conferencing solution

On the surface, Zoom and GoToMeeting may seem quite similar. Both let you meet with anyone from whatever device you choose. But if you’re pitting GoToMeeting vs. Zoom in the time-honored contest of best video conferencing providers, there’s no comparison.

Trusted by millions of businesses, GoToMeeting is the professional choice for online meetings. From simple check-ins with teammates to high-value presentations for clients, its award-winning video conferencing service has been helping people get connected and get more done for nearly 15 years.

It’s easy to see why. The combination of clear audio, smooth screen sharing and HD video makes for a powerful meeting experience. Plus, the GoToMeeting team acts as a close partner every step of the way, offering free onboarding and localized 24/7 support to ensure your success.
GoToMeeting video conferencing is easy to use and allows you to connect anywhere

Why GoToMeeting?

Affordable Pricing

Pick the plan that's best for your business. Annual pricing starts as low as $12 a month.

Seamless Reliability

Meet confidently with crystal clear audio and video over a simple and intuitive interface.

Secure Collaboration

GoToMeeting maintains the latest industry standard security practices and global data protection requirements.


Security features made for worry-free meetings.

Secure Content Sharing

Screen-sharing data, keyboard/mouse control data and text chat information have communication security controls with multiple layers of strong cryptography.

Meeting Lock

This feature allows you to easily and effectively prevent unwelcome attendees by locking your meeting.

Video Security

To protect the confidentiality and integrity of video connections from the endpoints to the video servers, we use an SRTP with AES-128-HMAC-SHA1-based protocol.

Passcode Protected Meetings

With password protected meetings, only those with the code will be able to gain entry keeping your meeting secure from others who may know your personal meeting code.

Participant Removal

See the name of someone you don’t recognize? You can remove an attendee from a session by dismissing them. They’ll automatically leave the session and be notified that they were excused.

Audio Security

To protect the confidentiality and integrity of VoIP connections from the endpoints to the voice servers, we use an SRTP with AES-128-HMAC-SHA1 based protocol over both UDP and TCP.

Get the Facts

Critical questions to ask when evaluating GoToMeeting vs. Zoom

Make sure you consider these questions - and their answers - when it's decision time.

1. What are the default encryption settings?

2. What is the new customer onboarding experience?

3. What kind of support will I get once I’m onboarded?
4. How reliable is the solution? How long have they been in business?

5. What are the company’s long-term business plans?

6. Is there a customer-facing roadmap available?

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