What is Zoom?

Zoom offers a web conferencing solution with several fee-based additional features like Zoom Rooms and H.323/SIP room connector. Both GoToMeeting and Zoom offer three paid plan options, a free product and discounts for annual plan purchases. As with GoToMeeting, the Zoom paid plans all include HD video, VoIP or call-in audio, personal meeting rooms and free mobile apps.

What are some key differences between Zoom and GoToMeeting?
Interface. There is no instant join experience and Windows users are required to download and run an executable file to attend meetings. The Zoom meeting interface can be confusing with multiple application windows open to run a meeting. The interface can seem cumbersome and overloaded with little used features.

Control. Some Zoom features make for unpleasant or disorganized meeting experiences. Features like “Host a meeting with video on” may catch attendees off guard and the ability for any attendee to share their screen without approval can make for disjointed or chaotic meetings.

Support. Not all tiers of Zoom give their users access to live person support over the phone. Self-service support online is cumbersome and incomplete.

Why Should I Choose GoToMeeting over Zoom?
Meetings Made Easy. GoToMeeting allows users to instantly join (no download required) from desktop or mobile device. This makes web conferencing available to more visitors and more accessible in restricted IT environments.

Straightforward Pricing. The pricing and invoicing are straightforward and simple, with no hidden fees required to have the full functionality of the tool.

Built for Business. GoToMeeting offers US based support 24/7 via email, phone and an online support center. GoToMeeting has dedicated account managers and onboarding professionals for a smooth deployment and a passion for customer success.

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How much do they cost?

Zoom and GoToMeeting have similar plan and pricing structures; however, users should be aware of added fees for additional Zoom features. These features like Zoom Rooms, Meeting Connector, etc. look great on paper, but few users actually need them and they require additions configurations to use.

How Much Does Zoom Cost?
100 participants
40 min. meeting limit
50 participants
min. 10 hosts
100 participants
 min. 100 hosts
200 participants
per month/
per host
per month/
per host
per month/
per host

How Much Does GoToMeeting Cost?
Pro Plus

3 people

10 people
25 people
100 people
$24 per month
$19 per month for annual plan
$36 per month
$29 per month for annual plan
$59 per month
$49 per month for annual plan

What do other people think?

“GoToMeeting remains one of the easiest conferencing platforms to use, and the videoconference feature keeps the application relevant, especially as new users and products flood the market all the time.”
–PC Mag

“GoToMeeting gives us the ability to work with a technology that is dependable and infinitely scalable.”
– Dana Fox, Director of global business development, Athena Software
“Adopting GoToMeeting started out as an effort to save money, but the functionality put it over the top.”
– Dan Giovannetti, Chief Financial Officer, Bergstrom Inc.

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