Why You Should Record Your Webinars

Get more out of your webinars by recording and reusing each one.


Recordings keep the results coming.


The ongoing value of webinar recordings.

No matter whether you use GoToWebinar for marketing, corporate communication or training, your recordings can have long-lasting impact.

More viewers

The simple truth is that not everyone who signs up will attend your live webinar. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean they have to miss out. Webinar recordings give registrants another chance to watch – on their own schedule.

Better webinar ROI

When you’ve invested a lot of time and money into a webinar, you expect and deserve great results. By publishing your recordings, you ensure that the webinar continues to build awareness and generate value long after the event ends.

Extra engaging content

A recorded webinar is a ready-made video that you can share with customers, employees or learners. And since video assets are so high performing, you’ll want to record every webinar to quickly build a stockpile of engaging content.

Always available to review

Lots of useful information and insights are shared in webinars. Especially if you host webinars with industry speakers or senior leadership, recording the event is a must. That way, you can revisit it later to repurpose the content or simply refresh your memory.

Turn your webinar recordings into live replays.

Simulated Live for GoToWebinar offers all the benefits of a live webinar – without the stress. You can easily replay your recordings as if they were happening live.

Interactive recordings

Simulated Live webinars allow you to send handouts, polls and surveys, as well as reminder and follow-up emails, just like with a live session.

Perfect delivery

Instead of presenting live, you can pre-record your webinars to nail the presentations ahead of time. Then let your webinars run themselves.

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Cross time zones

Scheduling conflicts are no more. You can set your Simulated Live webinars to launch multiple times in multiple time zones across the globe, even when you’re asleep.


Reach new audiences with your recordings.

GoToStage is the all-access video platform for professional content. Right from GoToWebinar, you can publish your recordings to GoToStage in just a click.

Greater awareness

Don’t let your recordings collect dust. The millions who attend GoToWebinar events each year are invited to discover content like yours on GoToStage.

Personal channel

GoToStage gives you a customizable channel page where people can view all of your recordings. It’s the perfect place for your training or onboarding series.


For external events like a marketing launch or business announcement, you can easily use SEO tools to help people search for and find your content online.

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