Pinpointe Generates More Leads at Less Cost With Online Events Using GoToWebinar

Based in Santa Clara, California, Pinpointe is a provider of cloud-based email marketing automation for mid-market and large enterprises that send and track between 25,000 and 20 million permission-based emails per month. Key verticals for Pinpointe are software, technology, financial services, online training, medical and pharmaceutical. The company’s feature-rich email marketing platform offers capabilities including behavioral targeting, which allows customers to select their audience based on previous actions, such as clicking on particular links and/or opening previous email campaigns. About 5,000 companies use Pinpointe’s email platform.

Challenge: cost-effectively broadening reach and generating leads

In the past, Pinpointe depended upon free, 15-day trials of its service together with traditional sales outreach to generate leads and win new customers. However, the company wanted to find additional ways to increase awareness of its brand and service and to secure new, qualified leads for the sales team.

“We felt that Pinpointe could become a thought leader in the email service provider (ESP) sector by offering a series of educational Webinars on best practices for improving email marketing response rates,” said Craig Stouffer, chief evangelist for Pinpointe. “However, we wanted to be sure that the Webinar platform we chose could deliver excellent return on investment, as well as ease of use and scalability.”

The company evaluated several Webinar platforms but found significant drawbacks with each. For example, one well-known solution was cumbersome and at times unstable, and it carried a steep cost for the number of anticipated registrants and attendees. Other solutions did not allow the registration page to be easily modified or the fields to be pre-populated. In contrast, GoToWebinar offered an intuitive page layout for registrants, scalability to a thousand attendees per event and economical flat-fee pricing to keep costs down.

Solution: implementing GoToWebinar for educational webinars

After selecting GoToWebinar, Pinpointe began offering free educational Webinars once or twice a month to prospects and customers in the U.S. and Canada, as well as in Europe. These 50-minute events, which are often co-presented with a Pinpointe partner, offer best practices, customer case studies and data aggregated from across the company’s customer base.

“GoToWebinar is great because it is an incredibly cost-efficient medium. It’s like being able to fill Carnegie Hall with targeted prospects for a song."

- Craig Stouffer, chief evangelist,

Stouffer has adopted a “one-two” approach for maximum results. “We schedule the Webinar for two days—a Wednesday and Thursday event for example—offering both dates in the invitation. This choice makes it easier for attendees to find a convenient date. The incremental cost to repeat the event is nominal and we see response rates that are between 25 and 40 percent higher than when we offer only one date.” When the series kicked off in the fall of 2008, Pinpointe initially attracted 300 to 400 people. Now, the company is signing up 1,000 to 1,400 registrants across the two days.

Stouffer expressed great satisfaction with the ease of use, performance and functionality of GoToWebinar. “Screen performance is very smooth and has elicited compliments from attendees.” Other favorite features are automatic reminders sent to registrants on the day of the event and the choice of free Voice over IP or audio conferencing.

High-quality leads and impressive conversion rates

Of the people who click on a GoToWebinar landing page for a Pinpointe event, 38 to 42 percent register. “The intuitive page layout with GoToWebinar registration forms is critical to our high conversion rate from click to registration,” Stouffer said. “Of these registrants, 56 percent, on average, actually attend the Webinar.” Pinpointe also uses the session recording feature of GoToWebinar to host an on-demand version of the event for people who were unable to attend.

Another advantage of GoToWebinar in lead generation is the ability to ask qualifying questions during the Webinar registration process. “We ask three questions, and the information helps our sales team target those prospects with a genuine interest in and need for our services, rather than spending time ineffectively pursuing prospects who may not be a match.” As a result, Stouffer reports that each educational event generates up to 25 new customers over a four-month period, each of whom spends about $200 per month on Pinpointe services.

He noted, “In business to business (B2B), trust is key. GoToWebinar is a trusted name. We believe that the increased comfort level recipients have with GoToWebinar results in a higher open and conversion rate than we would see with a lesser-known Webinar solution.”

Exceptional benefit/cost ratio

With GoToWebinar, Pinpointe has gained a new source of qualified leads, while raising overall awareness of email marketing benefits, for a minimal cost. Flat-fee pricing allows Pinpointe to host as many events as desired per month, with up to 1,000 attendees. “GoToWebinar is great,” Stouffer explained, “because it is an incredibly cost-efficient medium. It’s like being able to fill Carnegie Hall with targeted prospects for a song.” He concluded, “GoToWebinar helps Pinpointe broaden our reach and brand exposure and, of course, generate valuable leads for the sales funnel.”

“GoToWebinar helps Pinpointe broaden our reach and brand exposure and, of course, generate valuable leads for the sales funnel.”

- Craig Stouffer, chief evangelist,

Key benefits

  • Provides new source of sales leads at minimal cost
  • Improves Webinar registration rates with ease of use and rich functionality
  • Boosts efficiency of sales team by pre-qualifying leads
  • Increases brand awareness and outreach

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