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Meet with anyone, anywhere in HD.

High-Definition Video Conferencing
Establish and maintain quality business relationships regardless of distance
GoToMeeting includes HDFaces high-definition video conferencing at no additional cost. Anyone with an Internet connection and a webcam can use HDFaces in GoToMeeting sessions. You can start sharing video with a single click; our Multistream HD technology provides up to 6 video streams at a resolution of 640p x 480p each, for a total maximum resolution of 1920p x 960p. You can combine video conferencing with a shared document, presentation or application on the same screen. HDFaces automatically adjusts to the available bandwidth and hardware resources of each participant to provide the best-possible user experience, and video layout can be adapted to virtually any PC or Mac monitor and projection configuration. Most HD-capable webcams will support HDFaces.
7 Tips for an Effective Video Conferencing Policy
Much like public speaking, the very idea of video conferencing can fill us with anxiety. Any number of things can go unexpectedly awry, leaving attendees dreading what should be a quick and easy experience.
Video conferencing isn’t going away any time soon, especially with the popularity of video-enabled smartphones and tablets. Used in business, medicine, education, and media, video conferencing not only helps connect us to people around the world, it provides a green solution for interviewing long distance job candidates, conferencing with colleagues or keeping tabs on a classroom. Read More
Freemium vs. Desktop Video Conferencing: The Value of Being Built for Business
Work is no longer just a place. When somebody says they are going to work, where exactly do they go? For some people, work is a building with an office or cubicle or other workspace. There is a desk with a computer, and there is infrastructure around the worker—wires to connect to the corporate network and the Internet, phone systems, special rooms for meetings and presentations, places for employees to take a break or meet informally to share ideas. All these aspects of the workplace are necessary for doing business in a productive and efficient way. Read More

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