Online Meeting Recording

Easily capture the whole discussion with built-in GoToMeeting recording.

A clean record of what occurred.
Taking meeting minutes and notes deserves more kudos than it gets, because the benefits far outweigh the hassle. A lot can come out of a meeting, and if you didn’t track the discussion, you’re likely to forget the decisions. Not to mention those who couldn’t attend. If people weren’t there for the meeting itself, it’s up to them to piece together what took place – often unsuccessfully. Fortunately, you don’t have to designate a meeting recorder for each session. With GoToMeeting, everything’s taken care of for you.
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GoToMeeting Recording Preferences
Start, stop and share meeting recordings.
Hosting an important meeting? Just click the record button. GoToMeeting online recording feature automatically begins capturing the presenter’s screen and everyone’s audio. It doesn’t matter whether you’re sharing your entire monitor or a single application. It doesn’t matter whether people are speaking through the computer audio or calling in from their phone. It’s all recorded and combined into one file. You can even stop and resume the meeting recording whenever you need to. And once you’ve finished, it’s a simple process to convert the meeting recordings into your preferred video format for easy sharing.
Online meetings worth recording.
If you want to record an online meeting, make sure it’s one people will want to watch. GoToMeeting comes well stocked with advanced features to empower successful collaboration so you can be sure every meeting is one for the history books.

• Ad hoc meetings and scheduled meetings
• Live screen sharing with presenter switching
• Clear audio options, including VoIP, toll and toll-free
• Record meetings with high quality audio and video
• On-screen pen, highlighter and spotlight tools
• Easy-to-use email and calendar integrations
• Highly rated mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows
The best way to keep track.
GoToMeeting simplifies the way you record online meetings. One click and you have a clear recording to store in your files or share out with participants – especially useful for those who couldn’t make it. Start your free GoToMeeting trial today and put your notebook to rest.

After you’ve signed up, we’ll show you the essentials of online meetings, including how to connect to audio, turn on your webcam and share your screen. So when it comes time to host that big meeting, you’ll be set. Launch the session, hit Record and take it away.


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