Marketo and GoToWebinar

Manage events, push registration information to GoToWebinar, and pull attendance information automatically into a Marketo Event.


Connect Marketo to GoToWebinar and automate your events with Marketo's Event adapter. This adapter will allow you to manage your events, push registration information captured on a Marketo landing page to GoToWebinar and pull attendance information automatically into a Marketo Event. This event capability allows you to capture the status of the leads as members of the event.


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Marketo GoToWebinar Adapter User Guide Version 3.5

How To Install

There are a number of steps that must be followed to successfully connect your GoToWebinar with a Marketo Event. This guide assumes that you have working knowledge of Marketo Events, including how to create an Event, Child campaigns, and local assets. Here is the recommended sequence for building an Event using the GoToWebinar event adapter in Marketo:

  • Enter Your GoToWebinar Credentials in Marketo
  • Create an Event in GoToWebinar
  • Create Your Marketo Event
  • Configure Event Settings & Sync Marketo with Your GoToWebinar This is where you connect your Marketo Event with your GoToWebinar.
  • Create Your Child Campaigns and Local Assets
  • Test, Test, Test!

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