Instant Meetings and Scheduled Meetings

Start an instant meeting with GoToMeeting in seconds or schedule meetings for another time

Whenever works for you.
Scheduling a meeting with remote attendees is no longer the hassle it once was. Thanks to video conferencing, everyone can connect together easily. All you need is to decide who to invite to the discussion – and when to host the meeting. Fortunately, GoToMeeting is as flexible as you are. If you need to meet immediately, no problem. Start an instant meeting with just one click. If you’d like to host a presentation with a big group, schedule meetings on a calendar
GoToMeeting One Click Meetings
GoToMeeting Start Meeting
Meet now. Meet later.
GoToMeeting works wonders as an instant-meeting app. Trying to hammer out an issue? Skip the endless emails and phone calls. They only slow you down, because you can’t collaborate live on your work or communicate face to face. With GoToMeeting, you can host a meeting and share your screen and webcam in no time. GoToMeeting makes it easy to schedule a meeting, too. You can plan one-off sessions or set them to happen regularly. Either way, you can send out meeting invitations with all the details your attendees need to know, including when the meeting starts, how to join and which devices they can use. Then when the meeting time rolls around, connecting is as simple as clicking a link.
Ready-to-use features to schedule a meeting.
Instant meeting or scheduled meeting – it makes no difference to the feature line-up. You’ll have full access to professional tools that make a real difference time and time again.

• Live screen and application sharing
• Built-in and phone-based audio options
• Up to six high-quality webcams at once
• Simple controls on desktop and mobile
• Integrations with popular email programs
• Seamless meeting recordings
It’s go time.
Why wait any longer? Schedule a meeting today! Whether you prefer to meet on the fly or pencil every session in, you’ll be ready to go with GoToMeeting. Start your free trial today to see for yourself.

After you sign in, you’ll land on the My Meetings page, your new base of operations. Here you’ll find your personal meeting room link, where you can start instant meetings. There’s also a button to set up scheduled meetings. During your trial, we recommend trying out both so you get comfortable with the way they work. Soon enough, you’ll have online meetings mastered.


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