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Highlight your presentation with simple screen annotations.

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Draw your attendees’ attention.

With the GoToMeeting Spotlight screen drawing tool, one of the simplest presenter tools around is also one of the most effective. The laser pointer helps you emphasize ideas and capture attention – all with a flick of the wrist. So when it comes to online meetings, GoToMeeting gives you the pointer and more to ensure your presentation is equally engaging. Through shared screen annotation, you can get attendees to focus on your content and better understand your message. You’ll feel just as capable and in control as when you’re standing at the podium. And you won’t even have to worry about the batteries.
GoToMeeting whiteboard drawing tools

Tell and show.

Forget the dry-erase board. GoToMeeting makes giving a presentation even easier. You can guide user and participant attention with three different screen share drawing tools. The Pen lets you draw on the screen to underline your message or sketch out an idea. The Highlighter creates a yellow-marker trail so you can emphasize areas of interest. And the Spotlight gives you a laser pointer for clearly showing attendees where to focus. Want to create a more collaborative environment? You can let your team make screen annotations, too. Their drawings appear on the same screen for everyone to see.

Round out your toolkit.

GoToMeeting is the presenter’s choice for more than just its screen drawing tool solutions. The whole set of built-for-business features gives your meetings the reliability, simplicity and clarity they deserve.

• Impromptu meetings and planned meetings
• Full-screen and single-application sharing
• HD video conferencing for multiple presenters
• Built-in VoIP and telephone audio options
• Easy email, calendar and IM app integrations
• On-the-go presentations with mobile apps

Make your mark.

Preparing for an internal presentation with co-workers or a large proposal to customers? Make sure your attendees see your point. Start your free GoToMeeting trial today to sketch out your ideas in a way that everyone can understand.

The trial is a great way to get comfortable with the essentials of online meetings. Once you’ve started your first session, take a look at the Control Panel. Everything from screen sharing to video conferencing is clearly marked, including screen share drawing tools. You’ll be ready for that presentation in no time.

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