Collaboration Tools That Fuel Passion & Ignite Momentum

Se dice que la única constante es el cambio. Pero el ritmo del cambio no es constante. Está acelerando.

Necesita ser más rápido. Más flexible. Más poderoso. Nuestros productos estimulan la dinámica. Y cuando su negocio tiene dinámica, todo funciona de manera impecable. Las personas confluyen. Comparten información. Toman decisiones. Cierran acuerdos. Las posibilidades son tan ilimitadas como su potencial.

We’re here to help your business gain momentum and get work done.

Our online collaboration tools are a suite of real-time solutions that help your teams meet and gain momentum. When you choose GoTo, you can carry ideas to their conclusion – and push your business to its absolute best. See how it all works through the lens of building a new product.


A product idea sparks to life. Huddle rooms come alive with GoToRoom, so people can brainstorm and build. Its seamless integration with GoToMeeting dissolves distance so teams anywhere can turn the crazy into the incredible.


Countdown to launch kicks off, so marketing gets the word out with GoToWebinar. People arrive curious, leave excited. GoToStage keeps interest high with more videos and professional content.


Time to empower your sales team. Sales hosts conference calls with OpenVoice to deliver on what potential customers need. Then they host live demos with GoToMeeting, connecting over video to close the deal.


Your customer success team shows new users the ropes by using GoToTraining for product onboarding. Now everyone can hit the ground running and ensure a successful launch.


The benefits of GoTo collaboration tools

Enhanced productivity

Teams across the enterprise can connect at a moment’s notice to get more done.
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Frictionless workflow

Seamless transitions from messaging to meetings help build and sustain momentum.
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Cost savings

Our team collaboration tools let people work together without the expense of travel.
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Stronger relationships

With high-quality video, your team can collaborate face to face and build trust from anywhere.
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Empower your workforce with GoTo collaboration tools.

Business Messaging

Great teamwork depends on fast, efficient communication. Business messaging with GoToMeeting lets you start a chat conversation and then jump into a full meeting, complete with video, audio and screen sharing.

Online meetings

When you need to collaborate on projects with a remote team, there’s nothing better than the online meeting. Everyone can meet face to face in seconds, no matter their device or location. For simple, professional online meetings, GoToMeeting is the collaboration tool of choice.


Popular with marketers, trainers and internal communicators, webinars make it easy to host presentations with thousands of attendees. GoToWebinar also packs plenty of engaging features like polls, surveys and Q&A, to capture – and keep – interest.

After your event ends, you can bring in more viewers by simply publishing your recording on GoToStage, the video platform where the millions of professionals who attend GoToWebinar sessions are invited to discover content like yours.

Online training

Whether you’re looking host group workshops or provide customer onboarding, GoToTraining helps you share your expertise. You can deliver remote and hybrid learning with screen sharing, course materials, breakout sessions and more – all from the same collaboration tool.

"It's simple but incredibly robust."

- Patrick Whatman, Head of Content, Mention


Join the millions who trust GoTo.

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