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Take turns taking control.

A truly collaborative meeting is more than a one-person show. You may have the perfect presentation ready to go, but the real magic happens when the rest of your team can jump in and contribute. In person, it’s as easy as walking up to the whiteboard. And when you’re connecting remotely over the web, it’s just as simple to do. As the online presenter in GoToMeeting, you can share content on your screen and then pass presenter control to another user whenever you need to. So if inspiration strikes one of your co-workers or clients, they can have their moment to shine, too.
GoToMeeting online presenter controls

Cross-platform online meetings.

Giving an attendee the chance to be the presenter online is simple to do. Just select the person in the GoToMeeting attendee pane to see the option. Then when the meeting presenter role is passed, the attendee can share their screen in a click. Once finished, they can just as easily return online presenter control to you or hand it off to another attendee. You can even share keyboard and mouse control with someone else if you want to collaborate directly on one screen. GoToMeeting has all the tools you need to make collaboration a cinch as the online presenter. And that’s just the beginning of what it has to offer.
GoToMeeting meeting presenters can share screen on mobile app

The online presenter’s toolkit.

Every essential you’d want from an online meeting is here, plus many more advanced presentation features that improve the meeting experience.

• Instant and scheduled meetings
• Full-screen and single-application sharing
• Streamlined email and calendar integrations
• Built-in audio and high-quality video
• Drawing tools for creative collaboration
• Powerful mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows
• One-click meeting recordings

We designed GoToMeeting to be the simple solution for professional communication. You can easily create and launch an online meeting, present your work and then let others take the stage – all without fumbling through confusing controls or cluttered menus.

Now it’s your turn.

Become an online meeting presenter in GoToMeeting and see what’s possible when people can connect and collaborate from anywhere. Register today for the free GoToMeeting trial.

Once you’ve joined up, you’ll go through a quick walkthrough before launching your first meeting. You’ll learn the ropes fast, including how to share your screen and give control, connect to audio and share your webcam.

When you’re ready to switch the online meeting presenter, here’s how you do it. On a PC, click the Screen tab, open the “Change Presenter” drop-down menu and then select the attendee who should present next. On a Mac, simply click the “Change Presenter” button at the top of your control panel and choose someone to be the next presenter online. If you have any questions at all, our 24/7 support team is always ready to help.
GoToMeeting Online Meeting Presenter Control FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start a scheduled or recurring meeting as a presenter?

To start a meeting as a presenter is simple, but it depends on the type of device you’re using.

To start a previously scheduled meeting, right-click the GoToMeeting system tray icon, select My Meetings and enter your account information to log in. Then, on the My Meetings dialog box, select the scheduled meeting you want and click Start.

To start a previously scheduled meeting, click the GoToMeeting icon in the dock, click the My Meetings button and enter your account information to log in. Then, on the My Meetings dialog box, select the meeting you want and click Start.

Open the GoToMeeting app on your iPhone or iPad, tap Sign In in the lower toolbar and then tap Sign In again on the next screen. Enter your account information to log in. Then, tap My Meetings in the toolbar, select the scheduled meeting you want and tap Start.

Open the GoToMeeting app on your Android device and tap Sign In at the top and then tap Sign In again on the next screen. Enter your account information to log in. Then, on the Upcoming Meetings screen, select the scheduled meeting you want and tap Start the meeting.

What do I do if my attendees can't see my screen?

Screen sharing needs to be turned on after starting a meeting – GoToMeeting starts with off by default to prevent early attendees from viewing your preparation.

To enable screen sharing, click the screen-sharing icon in the organizer control panel and select the screen or application you’d like to show.

How do I take back presenter control after I have given it to someone?

You can resume Presenter control in the same way you passed it to another attendee:

On the Screen tab (in the Options pane), use the "Change Presenter to" drop-down menu to select your own name.

- or -

In the Attendee pane, right-click your own name and select Make Presenter.

How do I share one application and nothing else as a presenter?

Sharing just one application varies depending on which type of computer you use. If you’re using an Android or iOS mobile device, you can share the entire screen and navigate to an app you want to show, but you cannot share that app by itself.

As the presenter, you can share a single application by right-clicking the screen-sharing icon on the control panel grab tab and then selecting the application to share from the list of applications presented.

As the presenter, click the screen-sharing icon in the control panel and then choose the application to share from the list of applications presented. You can also open the “Show” drop-down menu from the Screen Sharing tab to select the application you would like to share.

How can I give keyboard and mouse control as a presenter?

Sharing keyboard and mouse control is only possible on the desktop app. If your attendees have joined from the web app, they will need to download and switch to the desktop app first. Mobile attendees cannot use this feature. Once in the desktop app, you have two options for giving another attendee keyboard and mouse control:

A) From the Screen tab in the Options pane, open the “Share keyboard & mouse with” drop-down menu and then select either “Everyone” (if you want to open mouse and keyboard access up to all attendees) or an individual from the list of attendees.

B) From the Attendees pane, right-click on the name of the attendee you wish to give control to and then select Give Keyboard and Mouse.

All attendees with keyboard and mouse control will have a Check icon next to their name in both drop-down menus, and they will receive a notification that they may now take keyboard and mouse control. You can also remove keyboard and mouse control from specific attendees in either of these menus.

You can always override another attendees' mouse movements simply by typing or moving your mouse. This allows you to temporarily regain control without removing their access.

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