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Personal meeting. Professional attention.

When you meet in person, there’s a lot you can do to make a good impression. Smile. Dress right. Give a firm handshake. It’s important to keep in mind for all business professionals – but especially for salespeople, where a poor first impression can lose you the deal. So when you meet online, what should you do to impress? With GoToMeeting, you’ve got plenty of options. One of the best is called GoToMeet.Me, where you can create a free personal online meeting room that people won’t soon forget.

Make the meeting yours.

Creating your free online meeting room begins with the URL. You pick what your GoToMeet.Me link will be, so go with something memorable (like a variation of your own name). Once done, you can add extra details about you and your business to the room, including your photo, title, website and location. The online meeting room is then yours to keep, so make it the place where all your online meetings happen. Participants get to see who you are and what you do before joining your session in just a click. It’s an easy, professional way to introduce yourself.

Set yourself up for success.

Your personal meeting room is a great start, but if you want to ensure the actual meeting is successful, you’ll need to keep the momentum going. In a GoToMeeting session, you can rely on business-grade features to get things done.

• Get on the same page with online screen sharing or a single application sharing
• Connect through clear, built-in audio conferencing
• Collaborate face to face with HD video meetings
• Take advantage of on-screen drawing tools
• Streamline your workflow through integrations
• And more intuitive online meeting tools

Reserve your free room.

Once a GoToMeet.Me page is reserved, it’s taken for good. So if you want an online conference room in your own name, you better act fast. Start your free GoToMeeting trial and claim your own personalized online meeting room today.

After you’ve signed up, you’ll immediately have the chance to set up your free personal online meeting room. If it’s available, your name will automatically be suggested for the room link. If you prefer something else (or if it’s already taken), you can enter another option. Don’t worry if you’re not yet sure what to choose – you can always edit the personal room name and link later. Once you’ve got your own URL, you’re ready to meet and host online meetings. Simply share the link with attendees and start the virtual meeting when it’s time.

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