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Use many LogMeIn products free for three months.


Keep your students learning and healthy

We're here to help the global education system as COVID-19 (coronavirus) cancels classes across schools, colleges, and universities. We will immediately provide schools with free, organization-wide use of many LogMeIn products for 3 months. Communicate with administrators and teaching staff using our collaboration products. Students can keep learning in virtual classrooms and study groups with our easy-to-use meeting software.


Screensharing, video conferences and up to 25 simultaneous webcams make it easy to get work done, allows for virtual interactions in flawless HD, and enable any meetings to happen from desktop, web or mobile.


GoToTraining is the simplest answer to online learning, with the most reliable features to help you before, during and after your sessions.
  • Use tests to evaluate knowledge retention during the session and get immediate feedback with polls.
  • Boost knowledge retention with in-session Activities. Encourage small-group interaction with Breakouts.
  • Broadcast an image of your whiteboard to students and share your updates in real time. It’s like your audience is standing right there.


Classes can be hosted effectively with up to 3000 students at a time without interruption. Features include: 

  • Attendance tracking – to keep written records of who is joining the virtual classes & who will need to follow up later on .
  • Recorded events – for students who may not be able to attend the session but would need to view the content.
  • Polls, handouts and questions – for keeping students engaged & allowing for distraction free two-way communication.


Keep your critical communication lines intact even during unexpected school closures. Forward calls from your outdated infrastructure to GoToConnect, your trusted, reliable phone system in the cloud.
  • Make your entire phone system accessible remotely for staff and IT admins, via a laptop, desktop or mobile device.
  • Simplify your communications. Get phone, meetings and messages all in one application.
  • Maintain open lines of communication with no hardware required.
Remote Work Toolkit

Everything you need for a seamless transition to a remote education environment.

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89% of surveyed Educational Institution, Government, and Non-profit users agree that GoToMeeting’s onboarding and training are better than the competition.

Simple to use

98% of surveyed Educational Institution, Government, and Nonprofit users agree that GoToMeeting’s ease of use and reliability are better than the competition.

Keep your students learning and healthy

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