Screen sharing on Android

Share presentations, documents and more with GoToMeeting on your Android device.

Android screen sharing made easy.

With GoToMeeting for Android, you can connect with others from anywhere in the world. Schedule meetings, invite participants and share your Android screen simply over the Internet. You’ll have all the advantages of a full meeting, right in the palm of your hand. Screen sharing on Android is just the start.

Get on the same screen.

When you share your Android screen, you and your team can collaborate remotely as if you were meeting in person. Launch and join discussions in seconds and give every participant an “over the shoulder” view of your presentation. The whole screen is shown in real time to attendees on both desktop computers and other mobile devices. So whether your team members are near or far, they’re never more than a tap away.

The complete teleconference experience.

The GoToMeeting app turns your Android phone into a portable conference room. Take collaboration out of the office with these teamwork-enhancing features:

Mobile meetings
Join or host meetings from any Android phone or tablet.

Video conferencing
See and interact with attendees via webcam feeds.

Meeting reminders
Schedule meetings easily and get alerts when they’re about to start.
Presenter switching
Easily transfer control between multiple presenters.

Integrated audio
Connect through VoIP audio or dial in like normal.

Getting started is simple.

The GoToMeeting app for Android is easy to use and quick to download, making screen sharing an effective and readily available solution for your teleconferencing needs. A tap is all it takes for participants enjoy remote screen access from anywhere. Attendees can join your sessions free over Wi-Fi or cellular data, but as the meeting organizer, you will need to sign up for GoToMeeting to schedule and host your own meetings. With GoToMeeting screen sharing for Android, remote collaboration is reaching new heights.


Turn your mobile device into a powerful meeting tool.

Turn off notifications.

Incoming messages or alerts can make things distracting, so be sure to block notifications in your phone’s settings before you start presenting.

Use a headset.

Rather than turn on speakerphone when you’re screen sharing, plug in a headset with a built-in mic to ensure your voice comes through clearly.

Pass presenter control.

Someone else have something to present? Tap the More icon next to an attendee’s name and select the option to Make Presenter.


How to screen share on Android.

The GoToMeeting app turns your Android phone into a portable conference room. Take collaboration out of the office with these teamwork-enhancing features:

1. Download the App
Set up your GoToMeeting account and then download the free app from Google Play.

2. Sign In
In the app, tap Sign In in the upper toolbar and then Sign In again. Enter your username and password.

3. Start an Online Meeting
On the Upcoming Meetings screen, tap the Plus icon and then Start your meeting.
4. Invite Participants
In the upper toolbar, select the Person icon and then the Invite icon. Next, choose how you would like to send the meeting invitation.

5. Share Your Screen
When everyone’s joined, simply tap Start Sharing. Your Android device screen will be shown to all participants.

6. Stop Screen Sharing
Tap Stop Sharing from the GoToMeeting app or in your device’s notification center. You can also select the floating App icon on your home screen.

Sign up for your free GoToMeeting Pro Trial

With GoToMeeting, you can easily share your Android screen to collaborate with others on the go.

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