Screen sharing on Mac

Give co-workers or customers a remote view of your Mac screen.

Can I screen share on a Mac?

Yes, and it’s simple to do. GoToMeeting is a screen-sharing solution for Mac (and many more devices) that makes it easy to collaborate with anyone remotely. In seconds, you can connect over the Internet and share your screen in real time. Add in professional features, enterprise-grade security and industry-leading customer satisfaction, and it’s not hard to see why millions rely on GoToMeeting for screen sharing.

Communicate clearly on your Mac.

Members of the modern workforce aren’t limited to one office. They’re based around the world and frequently on the move, which makes remote communication tools more important than ever. Screen sharing can close the distance, bringing people together on the same screen. Whether you’re doing a sales demo, hosting a quick team stand-up or presenting to the global team, you can get your message across with ease right from your Mac OS desktop or laptop.

Collaborate like a professional.

Need a Mac screen sharing app for work? GoToMeeting was built with business in mind. It’s loaded with productivity tools to help you stay connected and productive from anywhere.

Host Meetings Instantly
Host meetings instantly from your web browser or Mac desktop

Share Your Main Monitor
Share your main monitor or a single application with a click

Change the Presenter Role
Change the presenter role easily between attendees in your online meeting
Let Others Work on Your Screen
Let others work on your screen by controlling your mouse and keyboard

Communicate Face to Face
Communicate face to face through HD video conferencing. Learn more

How to screen share on a Mac.

1. Sign In to GoToMeeting.

1. Don’t have a GoToMeeting account yet? Start a free trial.

2. Start the Meeting

Click Meet Now. The new meeting will launch instantly.

4. Choose What to Share

In the Screen Sharing pane, use the drop-down menu to select your entire screen or a single application.

5. Start Screen Sharing

Click the Play button above the drop-down menu to begin. You can pause at any time by clicking it again.

3. Invite People to Join

In the Attendees pane, click the Invite icon. Then choose how you want to send the meeting information.

6. Stop Screen Sharing

When you’ve finished your presentation, click the Stop button in the Screen Sharing pane.

Ready, set, share.

If your Mac is running any version of OS X newer than 10.9 (Mavericks), you’re set to screen share. GoToMeeting also works great on PC, iOS and Android devices. Whichever system someone uses, they can see what you share from your Mac screen without issue. Doesn’t matter if you’re on Wi-Fi, cell data or a cable connection – GoToMeeting ensures the presentation is clear and steady. Sign up for a free trial GoToMeeting Pro to try it out yourself.


Presentations that impress.

Keep things focused.

Rather than share your entire screen, just select the window or app that’s relevant so your open tabs and notifications aren’t distractions.

Pause to peruse.

Need to switch to another slide deck or dig through files? Hit Pause to keep your attendees’ eyes on the work while you set things up.

Pass presenter control.

Anyone in a GoToMeeting session can share their screen, not just the organizer. Click Change Presenter to let someone else step up to the plate.


Share your screen to close more deals.

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