Intelligent collaboration from the road to the room.

Intelligent collaboration starts with tools that empower your workforce. With GoTo, our mission is to make communications more seamless, meetings more effective and organizations more productive.

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New ways to work together

To take steps towards intelligent collaboration, your team needs new features and functionality built on three crucial principles:


Enhancements that make lives easier before, during and after the meeting.


Flexibility to work anywhere, anytime, on any device without interruption.


Assurance that teams can accomplish their tasks 100% of the time.


Conecte con cualquiera en cualquier lugar.

An organization is only as efficient as the admin who’s running it. We take pride in making both provisioning and management quick and simple for GoTo. Information about your organization is readily available when you need at the speed you want. From day one.

Admin Center

An all-new intuitive user interface makes management easier than ever.

Diagnostic Report

Get an inside look at quality-based performance metrics for every user.

Single Sign-On

Control access points to ensure your organization is always secure.

Directory Connector

Quickly deploy GoTo products to specific teams or the entire organization.

SCIM Provisioning

Okta SCIM provisioning is now available. With Azure and Google coming soon.


Bringing the best together

GoTo solutions work hand in hand. Now your voice, meeting, webinar and room solutions are all housed under one roof for hassle-free management and a consistent user experience.

Work is changing. Employees today are calling in from coffee shops and co-working spaces more than ever. This white paper on intelligent collaboration explores the growing trend and offers guidance for IT leaders looking to empower their remote workforce.

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You’ll be able to book a GoToRoom and start the meeting directly from your GoToMeeting mobile app. So when you walk in, your meeting will be ready to go, ensuring that collaboration kicks off fasts and finishes strong.

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GoToMeeting para Android

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GoToMeeting para iOS

Llévese las reuniones a todas partes con su iPad o su iPhone.

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