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With the GoToMeeting mobile app you can take your work with you on the road and across the globe. Whether it's a business-critical meeting, or a casual discussion, every conversation is important. With the GoToMeeting mobile app you have the ability to host and join meetings anywhere, at anytime, on any device. The power is in your hands, all you have to do is download it.

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The tools you need for a frictionless meeting experience.

Free Mobile Apps

Join or host a meeting on any device.

Dynamic Video Conferencing

Participate in face to face video conferencing.

Built-In Meeting Audio

Crystal clear full band VoIP audio or phone call.

Screen Sharing Without the Hassle

Share your full device screen with everyone in the meeting.

Online Meeting Presenter Control

Hand-off presentation control to other attendees to view presentations, mockups, reports etc.

Meeting Reminders

Get alerts when a meeting is about to start.

Quick One-Click Meetings

See all of your upcoming meetings and join with a single click.

Interactive Chat Box

Chat with individual attendees or everyone in the meeting.

Get answers to all of your questions.

How do I host a meeting from my phone?
You can host a meeting from your phone using the GoToMeeting app, available in the Apple App Store, the Microsoft Store or on Google Play. Open the app to enjoy all of GoToMeeting’s functionality while on the go.
How do I sync my GoToMeeting app to my mobile device’s calendar
The GoToMeeting app for iOS can check the calendar app on your device and show you all upcoming sessions. But first, you need to allow the GoToMeeting app access to your calendar. On the Join a Meeting screen, tap Connect to your calendar. Then tap OK. GoToMeeting will then pull in your sessions.

The GoToMeeting app for Android will automatically sync with your native Android Calendar app. You’ll see a list of your upcoming meetings on the home screen.
How do I download the GoToMeeting app for an iOS device? An Android device? A Windows Phone?
To download the app for an iOS device, visit the App Store. The GoToMeeting app for Android is available on Google Play. If you have a Windows Phone, you can download the GoToMeeting app from the Microsoft Store.
Once I have the GoToMeeting app downloaded, how do I use it on my iOS device?
Using the GotoMeeting app for an iOS device is simple. Before you can host a meeting, you’ll need to sign in to your account from the lower toolbar. To join a session, click the session’s Join URL from anywhere on your phone and it’ll automatically launch the app. You can also join a meeting from within the app itself. For more information on how to use the GoToMeeting app for iOS, click here.
Once I have the GoToMeeting app downloaded, how do I use it on an Android device?
It’s easy to use the GoToMeeting app for an Android device. If you’re the meeting organizer, you can sign in via the upper toolbar. You can schedule meetings on the My Account screen or start scheduled meetings from the Upcoming Meetings screen. For more details on how to use the GoToMeeting app for an Android device, click here.
Once I have the GoToMeeting app downloaded, how do I use it on a Windows device?
Using the GoToMeeting app for a Windows device is no problem. You can easily schedule meetings, edit scheduled meetings, view and start scheduled meetings or start an instant meeting. For more information on how to use the GoToMeeting app for a Windows device, click here.
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