Never miss a moment with meeting transcription.

You can enable the GotoMeeting Smart Meeting Assistant on your account, so you can automatically record and transcribe your online meeting.


Less note-taking. More brainstorming.

The Smart Meeting Assistant automatically transcribes meetings so you can focus on what’s being said, not what to write. After your meeting, you can easily search for keywords in the text of your meeting transcription and share the content with a link.

User searching through meeting transcriptions with Smart Meeting Assistant

A smarter way to keep track.

There’s no need to employ the services of transcribers for your business meetings or interviews. No matter what you’re interested in transcribing, GoToMeeting does the work for you.

Clear and complete notes

Taking precise notes and ensuring accuracy is no simple feat. Especially if the conversation’s moving quick. With the Smart Meeting Assistant (English only), you get a word-by-word meeting transcription without lifting a finger.

More focus in the moment

Rather than split your attention trying to scribble everything down, you can be fully present. Listen in, speak up and take charge. The meeting transcription notes will be waiting when you’re done.

Time-saving convenience

Need to revisit information from discussions on a call, but can’t remember when it was said? You don’t have to sit through the entire recording. Search the conference transcription to find it quickly.

Share meeting transcriptions with ease.

Keep things on task and on time by sharing recordings and smart transcripts soon after your online meetings finish. Your clients can then easily review the content with their stakeholders. Or your absent attendees can simply catch up on what they missed.
Copy and paste GoToMeeting automatic meeting transcriptions

Smart transcripts that keep pace with you.

As you watch a recording, the Smart Meeting Assistant will automatically scroll through the meeting transcription for you. And if you search the text for key insights or action items, the playback will jump to the right moment so you can see exactly what took place.
Easily search through meeting transcriptions with Smart Meeting Assistant

Available anywhere you go.

Access your transcripts online right from your Meeting History page, thanks to GoToMeeting cloud recording. There’s unlimited storage, so you’ll always have your meeting transcription notes when you need them. Of course, you can always download both the voice recording and transcript for your own records.
Open GoToMeeting meeting transcription
GoToMeeting Meeting Transcriptions FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enable meeting transcriptions?
To enable meeting transcriptions, check with your administrator or follow these steps:
  1. Sign in to your GoToMeeting account
  2. Click Settings in the toolbar
  3. Select the Transcription option, set it to On and click Save
*Please note that not all plans have the Transcription feature
What are the benefits of meeting transcriptions?
Here are some of the benefits of meeting transcriptions:
  1. Meeting transcriptions enable participants to focus on the meeting instead of solely on taking notes, as the transcription is available to review after the meeting
  2. Meeting transcriptions bring clarity to post-meeting tasks
  3. Meeting transcriptions provide legal records, should a deal go wrong
How do I access my meeting transcriptions?
To access your meeting transcriptions, follow these steps:
  1. Sign in to your GoToMeeting account
  2. Click Meeting History
  3. Locate the recording you want, and hit the View Recording icon – this will display the written transcript and the interactive recording
What additional features come with meeting transcriptions?
Several features come with the transcriptions offering. Here are some of the available features:
  • Copy the transcript – Easily copy and paste the entire text of a transcript
  • Share the link – Quickly share the transcripts link with meeting attendees
  • Search for keywords – Find key content and keywords using the search bar
  • Resume auto scroll – Follow along with the transcription while continuing to watch the interactive recording
  • View talk time – Clearly see all meeting participants’ talk time next to the interactive recording
Does it cost extra to have meeting transcriptions?
Meeting transcriptions are included at no extra cost in all GoToMeeting Pro plans.
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