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See who's online, start a chat, or start a meeting on Messenger.

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Introducing the new GoToMeeting Messenger collaboration platform, an easier way to connect instantly with everyone on your team to keep conversations and projects moving forward. Messenger saves you time and boosts productivity by enabling you to see who's online, start a chat, and launch a video or audio meeting with GoToMeeting on the fly – all from a single communication tool.

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Chat with individuals or your entire team.

Easily chat one on one or with an entire group when you need to connect fast.
Add a profile photo or emoticons to your messages to personalize your interactions.

GoToMeeting Messenger Chat
See who’s available to collaborate.
Finally, answers right when you need them. GoToMeeting Messenger shows you who’s online so you don’t waste time chasing people down. Get connected with anyone inside or outside your organization and get work done faster. You can even launch a full GoToMeeting session with just a click.
Share files fast and easy.
Keep your files in the context of your conversations. Images, videos, presentations, spreadsheets – whatever you’re working on, simply drag and drop it into GoToMeeting Messenger to send it to your contacts.
Messenger File Sharing
Messenger External Contacts
Connect with external contacts.
Need to bring someone from outside your organization into the conversation? No problem. GoToMeeting Messenger lets you chat with external contacts in addition to your internal co-workers. You can invite any customer, prospect or partner you’ve met with on GoToMeeting to join you.