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A clean record of what occurred.

Taking meeting minutes and notes verbatim deserves more kudos than it gets, because the benefits far outweigh the hassle. A lot can come out of a meeting, and if you didn’t track the discussion, you’re likely to forget the decisions. Not to mention those who couldn’t attend. If people weren’t there for the meeting itself, it’s up to them to piece together what took place – often unsuccessfully. Fortunately, you don’t have to designate a meeting recorder for each session. With GoToMeeting, everything’s taken care of for you.
GoToMeeting smart notes help record what happened during meeting

Start, search and share meeting recordings.

Hosting an important meeting? Just click the record button. GoToMeeting automatically begins capturing the presenter’s screen and everyone’s audio. It doesn’t matter whether you’re sharing your entire monitor or a single application. It doesn’t matter whether people are speaking through the computer audio or calling in from their phone. It’s all recorded and stored locally or in the cloud (your choice!). The GoToMeeting Smart Meeting Assistant will even transcribe what was said automatically, so you can focus more on the meeting, less on notetaking. And once you’ve finished, it’s simple to search through and share your recorded meetings and transcripts with others.
View and share recorded meetings with GoToMeeting

Online meetings worth recording.

If you want to record a meeting online, make sure it’s one people will want to watch. GoToMeeting comes well stocked with advanced features to empower successful collaboration so you can be sure every meeting is one for the history books.

  • Ad hoc meetings and scheduled meetings
  • Live screen sharing/streaming with presenter switching
  • Clear audio options, including VoIP, toll and toll-free
  • Automatic meeting recording with transcription
  • On-screen pen, highlighter and spotlight tools
  • Easy-to-use email and calendar integrations
  • Highly rated mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows

The best way to keep track.

GoToMeeting simplifies the way you record online meetings. One click and you have a clear recording to review or share with participants – especially useful for those who couldn’t make it. Start your free GoToMeeting trial today and put your notebook to rest.

After you’ve signed up, we’ll show you the essentials of the built-in meeting recorder, including how to start recording, playback the sessions, view your transcripts and share them out. So when it comes time to refer back to what happened at that big meeting, you’ll be set.

GoToMeeting Online Meeting Recording FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I record a meeting?
Recording a meeting gives you a complete history of your discussions that you can reference later on. Use your meeting recordings to verify decisions or as reminders of previous actions and events. You can also provide the recording to those who were unable to attend the live meeting so they can catch up on what they missed.
What are the advantages of recording a meeting?
There are many advantages to recording a meeting. When participants know you are recording, they are more efficient and more likely to stay focused on the topic at hand. Recording a meeting also makes it easier for people to review meeting specifics and minutes and to carry out necessary action items.
Where do GoToMeeting recordings get saved?
GoToMeeting offers two ways to save your recordings: in the cloud or on your local computer. If you use cloud recording, your recordings will be automatically saved online on your Meeting History page where you can view, download or easily share them. If you choose to save recordings locally, they will download to the location you specify. By default they will be stored in C:\Users\<user>/Documents.
How do I share a recorded meeting?
To share a recorded meeting from GoToMeeting, do the following:
  1. Before your meeting, determine whether your recordings are saved in the cloud or on your local computer. You can check this by right-clicking the daisy icon in your system tray or toolbar and selecting Preferences. Then click Recordings in the left navigation to view your settings.
  2. During your meeting, hit the Record button at the bottom of your Control Panel (Windows) or Screen Sharing pane (Mac).
  3. After your meeting, if you are using cloud recording, find your recording online in your Meeting History, where you can get a link to share it.
  4. If you are using local recordings, you must first convert the file to an MP4 before you can share it. To do so, right-click GoToMeeting in your system tray or toolbar and select Preferences > Recording. Then click Convert Recordings Now.
  5. Locate the recording on your computer in the location you’ve designated.
  6. Share the file on your website, social networks or via email.
How do I record a meeting on a Mac? On a Windows PC?

Once you have started your GoToMeeting session, do the following:
Windows: At the bottom of your Control Panel, click Record this meeting or Record.
Mac: At the bottom of the Screen Sharing pane, click Record.

Can anybody record a meeting?
In order to record a meeting, you must have the following:
  • A GoToMeeting Pro or Plus tier account
  • The Cloud recording feature activated by an account admin
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