Collaborate instantly with your entire team.

See who's online, start a chat, or start a meeting on Pulse.

Introducing the new GoToMeeting Pulse collaboration platform, an easier way to connect instantly with everyone on your team to keep conversations and projects moving forward. Pulse saves you time and boosts productivity by enabling you to see who's online, start a chat, and launch a video or audio meeting with GoToMeeting on the fly – all from a single communication tool.

GoToMeeting Pulse Main

Chat with individuals or your entire team.

Easily chat one on one or with an entire group when you need to connect fast.
Add a profile photo or emoticons to your messages to personalize your interactions.

Make audio and video calls on the fly.
When you need to quickly move from chat to a call, Pulse makes it easy. Simply select an audio call or a video call and keep the discussion moving without missing a beat. You can even launch GoToMeeting from inside Pulse with the push of a button.
GoToMeeting Pulse Video
GoToMeeting Pulse Whos Online
See who’s available to collaborate.
Find the right person at the right time. Pulse shows you who’s actually available right now so you don’t waste time chasing down people who are busy. You can also easily search, invite, and connect with anyone in your organization via Pulse.
Keep conversations moving with mobile chat options.
Ideas don’t stop when you leave your desk. When you need to share a spontaneous thought or continue a conversation you can use chat for iPhone.


These features will be available with Pulse in the future.