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Seamlessly schedule, manage and join upcoming meetings directly from your Microsoft or Google calendar. GoToMeeting video conferences are always onlyone click away thanks to our scheduling plugins.

Microsoft Outlook

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Please note that an IT Admin may need to provision the GoToMeeting plugin to your organization.

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Your email and calendar are critical for productivity, yet they’re also huge time sinks. Traditionally, when adding a video conferencing line to a calendarmeeting, you have to set it up in two different spots. But with GoToMeeting’s Microsoft and Google calendar integrations, your video conferencing information is automatically added to your calendar with the push of a button.
GoToMeeting Microsoft Office 365 Plugin

Make the meeting yours.

Take simplicity to the next level with your own personal meeting room, which lets you create an easy-to-remember custom URL to host meetings. It’s an always-on collaboration space where you can stay all day and attendees can join you. Be sure to set up your personal meeting room within GoToMeeting and visit our blog to learn more.
GoToMeeting integration with Google Calendar
Quick One-Click Meetings FAQs

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What are the benefits of one-click meetings?
One-click meetings save valuable time. With one-click meetings, you can instantly talk face-to-face with colleagues and clients rather than email back and forth. Quick, seamless and effective collaboration is simple with one-click meetings.
How long does it take to integrate GoToMeeting with my calendar?
You can integrate GoToMeeting with your Google or Microsoft Outlook calendar in minutes through GoToMeeting calendar plugins.
How do I integrate GoToMeeting with Microsoft Outlook?
Use the GoToMeeting Outlook plugin to integrate GoToMeeting with Microsoft Outlook. Click the link to find the GoToMeeting Microsoft Outlook plugin download file and additional instructions. Once the plugin is installed, you can start scheduling meetings through Outlook.
How do I integrate GoToMeeting with Google Calendar?
Use the GoToMeeting Google Calendar plugin to integrate GoToMeeting with Google Calendar. You can find it in the G Suite marketplace. Click the link for more information on how to install the Google calendar GoToMeeting plugin and start scheduling GoToMeeting sessions right from your Google Calendar.
How do I integrate GoToMeeting with HipChat?
To install the GoToMeeting integration in HipChat, follow the instructions found in the preceding link.
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