Video Conference Room Systems

You’ve got the equipment. We’ve got the connection.

Your room system, unlocked.
While video conference room systems are great for point-to-point calls with other offices, things quickly get complicated when you need to include remote employees or customers. Fortunately, GoToMeeting bridges both distance and device. You can easily bring the professional, reliable GoToMeeting experience into your conference room. Join a session from your existing room system and collaborate seamlessly with anyone, nothing extra needed.
GoToMeeting Video Conference Rooms
Compatibility across devices.
Connect from your video conference room to people on laptops, smartphones or tablets. Everyone joins the same meeting, whichever device they use. GoToMeeting currently offers support for popular H.323 systems from multiple manufacturers:

• Polycom Group Series (300, 500, 700)
• Polycom HDX Series (7000, 8000, 9000)
• Lifesize Express 220
• Lifesize Icon Series (400)
• Cisco SX20
Easy access. Incredible quality.
If your video conference rooms already have H.323 systems, you’re ready to go. Your team can take advantage of the equipment to attend a GoToMeeting session quickly and easily. They just need to enter a simple number to join the meeting. The camera and mic on the conference room system will automatically share audio and video, while screen-sharing content will load up on the room’s display. And it’s all backed by the consistency and quality of GoToMeeting.
Rock your conference room
Video conference room support is included for GoToMeeting Plus customers. And for a limited time, GoToMeeting Pro customers can try it out too by joining the beta. Get in touch today to learn more about using GoToMeeting with your conference room systems. New to GoToMeeting? Contact sales to request a demo or receive a free trial.


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