Share screens for productive meetings with GoToMeeting.

Kiss the days of tedious meetings goodbye. With screen sharing software, you can ensure that all attendees are on the same page, literally.

As simple as 1, 2…click

Click once to share your screen, once more to stop

No additional charge or complicated set-up

Connect via desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet

Works great with Mac, PC and mobile devices

Take your meeting to the next level

Share presentations, reports, demonstrations and training sessions with everyone on the call

Hand off presenter duties to other attendees for better collaboration

Work together on content for better productivity

Why share screens?

It’s the smart thing to do:

open communication builds trust; trust builds stronger teams; stronger teams produce better work

Keep participants engaged:

no one wants to sit through a boring presentation…

Make effective use

of your (and everyone else’s) time

No more long-winded, hypothetical explanations

– seeing is believing

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