Based in Australia, e3Learning - part of the City & Guilds Group - supports over 600 clients around the globe to deliver corporate eLearning aimed at driving change, fostering growth and boosting innovation in ways traditional training does not.

e3Learning solutions assist with the management of employees and contractors in what has become an increasingly complex, diverse and ever expanding workforce. Whether it is the extensive ready-to-deploy content library, bespoke content development capability, the proprietary Learning Management System or its contractor management solution, e3Learning aims to provide a solid foundation of compliance for businesses to build on.

Challenge: A need to improve training delivery for growing a customer base

The e3Learning support department provides technical support to their client’s administrators and users. This is done through a combination of offline and web-based training solutions to support staff and clients to meet and maintain their ongoing industry compliance requirements.   

As the company grew, the need for one-to-one training hours for hundreds of clients increased substantially. The e3Learning support team decided to review how they could better deliver their training solutions. Important to this was maintaining the quality of their training, whilst reducing the hours behind actual delivery.

“We had been using GoToMeeting to provide highly personal training sessions – and feedback from our clients was positive. But we were getting more and more requests for these sessions, and the structure wasn’t great because we’d frequently stop to answer customer questions. It just became unscaleable”, said Matt Jones, Support Manager for e3Learning.

“Following our review, we realised we needed to change the delivery of our training. We decided to retain our GoToMeeting licences for client follow-ups, but use webinars as the primary initial training session for a group of clients. This would reduce the number of sessions we ran, plus we would be able to reach more clients in each session in less time”.

Solution: GoToWebinar provides efficient and professional training for growing customer needs

e3Learning had already been delivering its award-winning training solutions to clients for three years with GoToMeeting. Having been familiar with the highly-personalised service and support from the GoTo team, the company trialled GoToWebinar with its own staff. This webinar-based training approach meant that more customers could be reached, the support team’s quality service was maintained, whilst at the same time making huge efficiencies within the team.

Training sessions are now more structured and scheduled automatically by clients themselves using a handy self-service registration tool embedded within GoToWebinar. e3Learning took this one step further by repurposing the webinar sessions - using the recording function and hosting the videos on the company’s knowledgebase for on-demand play-back. At the same time, the one-to-one personal support could still be maintained if needed, with individual follow-ups using the existing GoToMeeting licences already in place.

“With GoToWebinar we have a more streamlined training delivery format. We never realised how simple it would be to deliver standardised, high quality training en-masse yet still with a personal feel. Moving from a multiple on-demand approach to a scheduled session format means premium support outcomes for clients – and reduced costs for the company. In fact, it has positively impacted our customer retention rates”, says Jones.

Benefits: Delivering measurable customer experience outcomes

GoToWebinar is central to a refreshed approach to staff and customer training, delivering positive outcomes for both customers and the company’s bottom line. The scheduled GoToWebinar sessions have seen a reduction in queries during a session when compared to a one-to-one GoToMeeting format. GoToWebinar has produced a 40-hour saving per month, which has meant time savings not just for the support team but also customer webinar attendees.

The GoToWebinar platform has also provided more collaborative sessions. Live screen sharing of training material handouts in webinars means the trainer and audience members don’t miss a thing. Chat screen facilities allow webinar attendees to speak to the support team whenever they need to throughout a session without interrupting the overall flow.

The interactive nature of the chat screen facilities has also allowed us to document common queries and refine our training sessions even further. It’s become easier to respond to questions we know we will be facing in a webinar. All we do now is reassure webinar attendees their questions will be answered in an upcoming section of the training. The result is much less interruptions”, he continued.

Overall, the introduction of GoToWebinar for e3Learning has reduced the costs of inefficient delivery of training sessions. With more than a week of support time per month freed up, the team can now concentrate on the quality of the service they are delivering and initiate other value-add projects. Currently e3Learning is reviewing its plans to deliver more webinars for additional products, plus expand its offering with specialised and advanced topic webinars.

As a result, annual customer surveys rate e3Learning’s support and training programs as excellent.

 “GoToWebinar is a business tool that we have used to differentiate e3Learning from its competitors. We efficiently deliver premium webinar-based training sessions and personalised customer support It’s a win-win for everyone”.

Matt Jones, Support Manager, e3Learning.

Key Benefits

  • A more simplified and premium client training delivery
  • Time saved to focus on continuous improvement
  • More opportunities to deliver further value-add


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