Toll-Free Numbers and Call Me for GoToMeeting

Enable our enhanced audio options for your online meetings on your GoToMeeting plan.


Be a great meeting host with toll-free numbers.

Add a toll-free option to your GoToMeeting plan so your participants don’t pay a thing.

Global coverage
Toll-Free Numbers are available for over 50 countries.

Affordable rates
Starting at $.08/min per caller or $5/organizer/month.

Seamless add-on
Toll-free fits right in with existing VoIP and toll-based audio. Learn More

Make your meetings even easier to join with Call Me.

No need to dial in. Let GoToMeeting do the dialing for your participants.

Quick to connect

Call Me helps people join faster, so meetings start on time.

Pure convenience

The days of dialing in with access codes and PINs are over.

No cost for participants

Call Me is a toll-free add-on for GoToMeeting.


Pay only for what you use.

Enable Toll-Free Numbers and Call Me for GoToMeeting starting at $.08/min per caller or $5/organizer/month.

Pay as you go

No monthly commitments or minimum number of minutes.

Flexible control

Easily turn the service on and off for users or groups who need it.

24/7 support

Our real, live support professionals are always around to help.

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