Share screens on Mac and all your favourite Apple devices for effective meetings

Say hello to successful meetings: with screen sharing software on Mac, you can ensure that all attendees are on the same page, literally.

Work better together

Click once to start Mac screen sharing, click again to stop

Connect via your Mac, MacBook, iPhone or iPad

No additional charge or complicated set-up

Works great with PC users

Meet better, work better with Apple screen sharing

Give presentations, demonstrations, reports or training sessions with everyone on the call

Share presenter duties with other attendees for quick and easy collaboration

Work together on content for better productivity

Sharing screens will help you…

Build trust:

open communication means stronger teams, and stronger teams mean better work

Keep participants interested:

doodling, daydreaming and drifting off won’t be necessary

Make better use

of your (and everyone else’s) time

Eliminate the need for long-winded, boring explanations

– seeing is believing

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