Generate and add GoToMeeting details for each new meeting scheduled in Calendly. Schedule external meetings professionally, quickly and effortlessly.


When you connect your GoToMeeting account with Calendly, conferencing is made simple. Choosing GoToMeeting as the location for one of your Calendly events will automatically generate and add conference details for each new meeting scheduled. With this, you can eliminate confusion from your web or phone conferencing and never miss a meeting again.

· Automatically generate and add conference details for each new event

· You and your invitee will both have instant access to conferencing details

· Teams can connect multiple GoToMeeting accounts to Calendly

· Updates in real time to support rescheduling and cancellations

How To Install

This integration requires GoToMeeting trial or subscription.

Access your Integrations page from the drop-down menu at the top-right of your Calendly account. Select the GoToMeeting option, and continue to connect your account.

Choose GoToMeeting as the location to any of your event types to have a dynamic conference link generated for each meeting. Invitees will receive the complete meeting details in their confirmation notification after scheduling with you.

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