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GoToMeeting for Salesforce is the perfect fit for sales professionals. Meet face to face with your prospects – without ever leaving your CRM window. · Easily set up meetings with leads, contacts and opportunities · Impress your prospects through clear screen sharing and video conferencing · Cut down on duplication by managing your meetings in one place · Keep detailed records of your sales calls You’ll need your company’s Salesforce admin to install the integration first. Once that’s done, you can access GoToMeeting from any Contact, Lead or Opportunity page. Schedule or start your meeting in seconds. Then get back to closing the deal. The integration also tracks meeting details directly within Salesforce. You can see a full list of your previous sessions, when they took place, who attended and for how long.

How To Install

The integration is seamless. Once your company’s Salesforce admin installs the app, open any Contact, Lead or Opportunity page. Then simply click the New GoToMeeting button to schedule a future meeting or GoToMeeting Now to hold an ad hoc meeting. Salesforce also tracks your meetings, including date, duration and attendees, so you have a clear record. You need a GoToMeeting Pro or Plus account to use the integration after installing. For plan details, visit

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