Audio Troubleshooting

How to optimize audio performance in your GoToMeeting, GoToTraining and GoToWebinar sessions.

The audio capabilities built into Citrix collaboration tools make including audio in your online meetings, training sessions and webinars convenient and cost-effective. You and your attendees can either call in by telephone (regular rates apply) or get audio at no additional charge using the Mic and Speakers.

We strive to provide the best audio experience possible. However, because a wide range of circumstances can affect audio performance (many of them outside our control), we’ve created this troubleshooting checklist in case a problem occurs.

I can’t hear anything at all

Best practices for the phone:

Mic and Speakers (VoIP):

Best practices for VoIP:

GoToTraining or GoToWebinar users:
You may have forgotten to click the Start Broadcast button at the top of the Control Panel. This button lets you get set up before you start presenting to everyone.

I’m hearing an echo

The person speaking sounds robotic, choppy or under water

Mic and Speakers (VoIP):

I’m hearing feedback (static, beeping, clicking)

I can’t mute myself

I can’t mute or unmute an attendee who’s using a telephone
They probably haven’t entered their Audio PIN, which is what connects their phone call to your meeting Control Panel. Ask them to enter it on their phone—they just have to press the # key, the Audio PIN and the # key again.

I’m annoyed by the on-hold beeps and/or the chimes I hear when people join or leave sessions
You can turn off the on-hold beeps and entry/exit chimes by clicking the Edit button in the Audio pane of the Control Panel and deselecting those options. If you’re using the Telephone option, you can also enter the commands on your telephone keypad; press *3 to turn off the on-hold beeps and *8to cycle through options for setting the chimes.

I’ve tried everything and I’m still having problems
If you are still having audio problems, please contact Global Customer Support at 1 888 259 8414 (direct dial +1 805 617 7002), or visit our online support center at If you are calling from outside the United States, click Contact Support on the Global Customer Support page for our international numbers.

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