Out-of-the-Box Video Conferencing

Take the complicated out of conference rooms with GoToConference.

It’s never been simpler to set up meeting rooms. Out of the box, GoToConference has the hardware and software you need for hassle-free video conferencing. Instead of researching and comparing expensive teleconferencing devices, you can get our recommendations in a bundle built to save you time, money and headaches.

Perfect for meeting rooms
Increasingly popular on office floorplans, small meeting rooms and huddle spaces make collaboration quick and easy. Since nearly 75% of business meetings have less than four people, going small makes sense. Add in the flexibility of multiple rooms, and there’s rarely a need to book ahead – so people don’t have to waste time hunting for meeting space.

These rooms are also great for helping remote workers feel included. The small, intimate nature of the space, coupled with a large-screen TV and GoToConference, can turn audio calls into a genuine face-to-face experience. And it’s available for a fraction of the cost of typical video conferencing setups, which on average can set you back thousands per room.

Easy to set up. Easier to use.
GoToConference is a great fit for meeting rooms and huddle spaces of up to 10 people. The devices work together seamlessly, so an IT or AV tech can turn any meeting room into a video conferencing hub in minutes. It takes the complicated out of conference rooms.

Just as important, it’s a cinch for your team to use. There’s no messing with instructions, cords or equipment. Anyone can walk in and start collaborating easily – all they need is a meeting ID to join a video conference or their GoToMeeting credentials to launch one.

What does the kit include?
• Revolabs FLX™ UC 500 conference phone
• Logitech C930e 1080p HD webcam
• ASUS Chromebox computer
• Logitech wireless keyboard & touchpad
• GoToConference subscription

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