GoToMeeting Attendee Guide

This Is Going to Be Easy

Let’s start with hardware requirements.

Have a Mac, PC, smartphone or tablet? Then you can attend a GoToMeeting session. If you plan on talking and listening using VoIP (your computer’s audio), it’s also nice to have a USB headset.

Attending on a phone or tablet

If you want to use your phone or tablet to join, first you’ll need the GoToMeeting app. It’s free on the App Store, Google Play or Windows Phone Store.

Once you have the app, join the meeting by tapping the meeting link you received from the organizer.

Learn more about the free GoToMeeting mobile apps on our website.

Attending on a Mac or PC—a step-by-step walkthrough

1. You're invited. Whether that invitation comes by email or instant message, it will include a link to the meeting.


2. Join the meeting. When it’s time to meet, click your meeting link or go to and enter the meeting ID.


3. Talk and listen. Want to call in on the phone? In the Options pane under Audio, click the circle next to Phone call and dial the number provided. Then follow the instructions on the phone. Want to use VoIP? In the Options pane under Audio, click the circle next to Computer audio. And, like we mentioned above, use a USB headset—or at least headphones with a built-in microphone.


4. Look who’s talking. It sure beats guessing. Just cast your eyes to the top of the Control Panel, and the name of the person speaking will be right there. People will be able to see your name when you speak, too, assuming you selected the computer audio option or entered your audio PIN when phoning in.


5. Make the meeting better with...

Webcams: Click the webcam button to start talking face to face. Having a bad hair day? Just click the icon again to turn it off.


Chat: Want to add a thought without interrupting? Enter it in the Chat pane.


Mute: Meeting while eating? Sitting somewhere noisy? Click the button to mute.


Present: If the host makes you presenter, just click Show My Screen to share any file or program on your screen.

6. Leave the meeting. When it’s time to leave, click the icon at the top of the meeting window. (You’ll be prompted to confirm that you want to leave the meeting.)


7. Try it yourself. Want to run your own meetings? Register for your own free trial of GoToMeeting at

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