How to Screen Share: A Step-by-Step Guide

Increase productivity with screen sharing technology.

Online Meeting for Attendees

Screen sharing allows for face-to-face interactions with remote workers and global clients and makes it easy to share important files and information with attendees. This step-by-step guide to screen sharing will help you make the most of your online meetings.

We’ve all been in business meetings where many participants are talking, but not much is getting done. Collaboration and personal interactions are critical to your company's success, and knowing how to screen share is an essential skill that will make your online meetings more productive.

Taking advantage of the screen sharing options in your online meeting platform means you have the power to improve your business outcomes. Screen sharing technology lets meeting presenters and participants share their desktop with other attendees, enabling live collaboration and encouraging open conversation. Screen share programs also help:

  • Strengthen communication via presentations, demos, training, and project meetings.
  • Foster consistency, as everyone can see the same information at the same time.
  • Support remote workers and global collaboration by enabling access from any location and mobile device

  • Encourage a sense of community. Body language and putting a face to a name and voice makes people more engaged in meetings.

Top screen sharing programs let you meet and share screens using Windows, Linux or a Mac. For example, GoToMeeting’s desktop app offers a full-featured experience that works flawlessly on all of these systems.

Chrome users can instantly join GoToMeeting in their browser via the web app — no download required. If a participant using Chrome wants to share their screen, a one-time download of GoToMeeting Pro Screensharing extension is needed. 

Firefox, Linux or Chromebook users can also attend online meetings and share their screen after logging in at Additionally, apps are available that offer easy ways to screen share on an iPad, iPhone, or Android device. 


Steps to screen share on a Mac

The easiest way to share your screen on a Mac is with our desktop app. Follow these steps.

1. Sign in to and click "Meet Now" to instantly launch a meeting.

2. Click on the screen icon in the "Grab Tab" to view the Screen Sharing pane. 

3. Use the drop-down menu to select your entire screen or a single application.

4. When you’re ready to begin sharing, click the "Play" button above the drop-down menu.

5. You can interrupt screen sharing at any time by clicking the "Pause" button.

6. When done, stop screen sharing by clicking the "Stop" button above the Screen Sharing pane. 


Steps to screen share on a PC

Easily share screens from PC to PC or from PC or to any other device with these steps.


1. Sign in to or at to launch a meeting.

2. Pick a screen-sharing option by clicking on the" Screen" icon on your toolbar. You can display one or multiple monitors, hide your desktop, and share specific applications.  

3. Click" Share" when you’re ready.

4. If you want to select a new view, open the Screen Sharing tab and use the drop-down menu to preview available options.  A “clean” view will not display your tabs or taskbars.

5. Hover over any option to preview what meeting attendees will see and click the view that suits your needs.

6. Use the "Attendee" tab on the right side of your screen to make someone else a presenter and let them screen share. If you’re on the desktop app, you can also give that attendee control of your screen, keyboard and mouse while you remain the meeting presenter.

7. At the end of your meeting, stop screen sharing by clicking on the "Screen" icon.


Best Way to Screen Share

The dangers of screen sharing are easy to avoid. Once you have the basics of how to screen share down, follow these best practices:

Taking advantage of the screen sharing options in your online meeting platform means you have the power to improve your business outcomes. Screen sharing technology lets meeting presenters and participants share their desktop with other attendees, enabling live collaboration and encouraging open conversation. Screen share programs also help:

  • Before you start your meeting, test the screen sharing feature. Preview the options to determine which view works best for your screen share presentation, training, or meeting.
  • Confirm that you have a strong internet connection and check Internet access speed.
  • Turn off desktop notifications during your meeting. An incoming message or alert on your screen can distract people from what you are sharing.

  • Make the most of attendees’ time and help focus your participants’ attention by organizing files and documents beforehand. Identify places where you are likely to stray off topic or gaps you need to fill before going live.

  • Use a headset rather than a speakerphone. A headset with a built-in microphone helps your voice come through clearly while you are screen sharing.

  • To avoid confusion about what they are seeing, notify participants when you're about to share your screen.

  • Make the most of screen sharing technology by inviting participants to take presenter control, share their screens, or make use of your keyboard or mouse. 

  • Encourage collaboration with Presenter Swap. Under your GoToMeeting settings, click the box to “allow attendees to present without permission.” This feature streamlines your meeting for greater collaboration and screen sharing without you having to manage it for everyone involved.

In today's fast-paced world, it's important to make the most of your time with colleagues, clients, customers, and prospects. This step-by-step guide on how to screen share and best practices lets you do more in your online meetings.
GoToMeeting’s screen sharing capabilities are simple and seamless, regardless of your operating system. Knowing how to screen share will make your meetings more successful — get started today.


Get answers to all of your questions.

Holding an Online Meeting

What is screen sharing?
Screen sharing refers to the act of sharing your computer screen with other participants in online meetings or presentations. Online screen sharing is available at the click of a button in many online meeting platforms and apps, including GoToMeeting. Most online meeting providers will allow you to screen share from any device as well.
What are some useful tips for screen sharing?
  • Test the screen sharing feature before your first the meeting
  • Notify meeting participants before sharing your screen
  • Turn off any desktop notifications so they don’t interrupt your screen sharing
  • Ensure your internet connection is solid
  • Have any necessary documents or files set to go
Can someone else in my meeting share their screen?
Yes. GoToMeeting's "Presenter Swap" feature lets any attendee present and share their screen without the host having to select a participant and pass presenter. Learn more
How do I screen share if I use the GoToMeeting web application?
It’s easy to screen share using the GoToMeeting web app. On Firefox, you’ll be ready to go right when you join. On Chrome, you’ll need the GoToMeeting Pro Screensharing Chrome extension first. In order to screen share:
  1. Click the Screen icon.
  2. Select an option for sharing your screen.
  3. To stop screen sharing, click the Screen icon again.
  4. To invite another participant to screen share, select their name from the attendee list and click Make Presenter.
Can I share my Mac screen?
Yes, with a GoToMeeting account, you can share your Mac screen with people on any other device. It’s simple to screen share on a Mac – just click the Screen icon in the GoToMeeting toolbar. For more information on how to share screen on a Mac and what you can do, visit this page.
Can you share your iPhone screen?
Yes, with GoToMeeting, you can share your iPhone screen. Meeting attendees on other iPhones, as well as Android or desktop devices, will see what you present in real time. For more information on screen sharing from iPhone, visit this page.
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