Introduction to Basics of Video Conferencing for an Online Meeting

An online meeting with video builds trust and increases collabortion.

Why Video Conferencing?

The technology for video meetings has come a long way since the days of jerky video feeds and static audio. A high-quality online video meeting provides an environment that will feel like you are actually sitting down across from other participants in the same room and gives you that face-to-face contact needed to build trust and relationships.


What is video conferencing?

The concept behind video calls is simple: It’s as simple as making a phone call, but provides both video and audio. The right video conferencing tool allows you to set up a virtual “room” and provides a number or clickable link users can use to “enter” the room. Once they are in the meeting, you can see them with your screen and webcam, and they can see you.

A conference video call is helpful for a meeting because it makes it easier to keep track of who is speaking. It also lets you pick up on the nuances of facial expressions that you’d miss on an audio-only call. An online meeting using video conferencing tools creates an intimate setting that can help facilitate communication. 


Who uses video conferencing?

Almost any kind of business can benefit from video calls. Examples for how they can be used include: 

  • Communicating with key people in your organization.

  • Meeting with current and potential clients.

  • Discussing a new project with your marketing or development team. 

A one-to-one video call allows companies to conduct a remote job interview or screen a vendor. Group online meetings using video conferencing can be used for onboarding, training purposes, or to gather a team together to make an announcement.

How video conferencing works

Thanks to today’s technology, video conferencing over the internet is surprisingly simple. When you start or join an online meeting, the audio and video streams are turned into tiny data packets that are compressed and sent across your internet connection. They decompress and turn back into a live feed of audio and visual on the other participant’s devices. With a high-quality WiFi connection, the audio and video can be crystal clear.

To get started, all you need is a good WiFi connection and one of these devices needed for video conferencing:

  • A desktop computer or a laptop with a webcam  

  • A tablet or smartphone with a camera

  • A headset (if possible) for better audio

  • A video conference application, like GoToMeeting

You can launch the video conference from your device, and others can join using a link or by calling a specific phone number. If someone doesn’t have video functionality, they can still listen to the audio and participate in the video conference. 

Importance of video conferencing in an online meeting

Video conferencing in an online meeting is beneficial — possibly even essential — to your business. It provides the ability to collaborate with colleagues and clients in real-time, especially when working globally with people across different time zones. 

Being able to use your facial expressions in a conference can go a long way towards building trust. Video conferencing also gives you the flexibility for face-to-face collaboration for team building and troubleshooting.

Ground rules for video conferencing

Video conference etiquette generally demands that when the organizer of the meeting is speaking, or a participant is presenting, microphones for the other participants should be muted. It’s also vitally important to respect each participant's schedule by starting and ending all video conferences on time. 

You’ll want a backdrop that is attractive but not distracting. For a home office video conference background, a neutral painted wall or a curtain behind you can help. Make sure your area is uncluttered and you dress professionally. To avoid glare and get the best lighting for video calls, use a source not in view of the camera.

Types of meetings that use video conferencing

Many types of business meetings can integrate with video conferencing to solve common problems. For example:

  • Internal company meetings with video calls allow remote or global employees to collaborate with colleagues in real-time. This can make it easy for teams to get information quickly and work together to troubleshoot an issue. It also allows team leaders to get fast updates. 

  • Interviews using video conferencing allow for face-to-face meetings with global or remote candidates, widening the talent pool and making it possible to make informed hiring decisions without the need for an in-person visit.

  • Sales personnel can use video conference calls to show live product demonstrations to potential or current customers, enhancing their belief in and trust of the product. Demonstrations require a video conference backdrop that is clean and neutral. A flat table covered with a white cloth lit from above can help make everything more visible.

  • Online teachers can use video conferencing and visual aids to help students learn, including flash cards and a virtual whiteboard. 

  • Long distance diagnostics via telemedicine are easier with video conference options. Doctors can provide remote healthcare when they can both see and hear a patient's symptoms.

  • Legal uses for video calling also exist. For instance, remote testimony can be obtained from a witness or an expert. This can help defray travel costs if the witness is long distance from where the testimony is required.  

A video conference provides accountability and a record of events and discussion. A recording of the call can be turned into a transcript and sent out afterward, so there is no question over what was discussed. 

What is the best video conference solution? 

GoToMeeting is easy to set up and supports up to 250 people at a time, making it simple to operate a video conference. Whether you need a one-on-one with your favorite client or need to make a company-wide employee announcement, GoToMeeting delivers the framework to make it happen. 


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