Introduction to the Basics of a Business Conference Call

Get your business conference call started with these basic features.


Have you ever stopped to think about how much time you spend hunting down meeting rooms? Chances are, it's a lot. A Steelcase Inc. survey found that 40% of employees waste up to 30 minutes a day searching for meeting space. A business conference call can help your small business save time, increase productivity, and improve customer support in many ways, including saving your employees wasted time hunting for a meeting room.

Conference calling solutions enable you to start a VoIP call with three or more people. The host establishes a digital conference line, and other participants dial in using a phone or computer. The ability to use any mobile device enhances ease of use, allowing anyone to call into the meeting and share ideas, regardless of their location. 

In an era when remote workers are becoming more common, knowing how to set up a conference call is essential for efficient workplace communication and collaboration. If you want to stay relevant in today's fast-paced world, your communication system is a good place to start.


Why and when businesses need a conference call solution 

If Any company that communicates with others remotely needs a business conference call service, but this is especially true for global companies and digital enterprises. Utilizing an audio conference call solution allows your company to: 

  • Hold a phone call with several clients or colleagues.

  • Reduce costs.

  • Save travel time. 

  • Become more eco-friendly. 

The biggest strength of audio calls is that they enable many participants from across the world to join. Global companies use voice conferencing solutions to bring geographically remote teams together for less than it would cost to hold a traditional phone call. Unlike a video conference, you don’t need a camera to communicate — all you need is a compatible device and time for a call. 

Investing in a conference meeting solution can also cut costs and improve communication. Audio conferencing is a natural fit for most enterprises because it eliminates hefty phone costs and the hassle of traveling to in-office meetings. Instead, employees can communicate instantly and affordably from their current location. 


How to set up a dial-in conference call

The process for setting up a dial-in conference call is considerably less complicated than hosting a meeting, even when you’re communicating with multiple users. Whether you’re talking to clients overseas or with a colleague in the next office, all conference calls follow the same general format: 

1. You act as host on the conference call line. 

2. Send the login credentials and access code given by your service provider to other participants. 

3. Share the meeting's PIN and dial-in phone number with each participant.

4. Once they've dialed in and entered the PIN, your conversation can take place. 

The only variable is the type of services your call provider offers. Some have mobile apps that allow participants to dial in instantly without entering any login information. Other providers integrate with your email, so you simply press a “send calendar invite” button to invite attendees. 


Essential features of a business conference call solution 

With so many options on the market, it can be hard to know which conference call provider is right for your company. For a smooth user experience, look for one that provides these essential features and qualities:

  • Options that make it easy to choose meeting times, schedule calls, and invite attendees.

  • Email integrations 

  • Call recording 

  • Reservationless web conferencing 

  • High-capacity options that can accommodate hundreds of participants

  • Real-time billing and reporting data 

  • Web controls that allows you to manage calls online 

  • Mobile apps

  • Access to toll-free numbers 

A tool that makes it easy to schedule, invite attendees, and follow up ensures you can organize meetings quickly. If you're hosting a call with global participants, the invite will also display the attendee’s time zone to avoid any confusion on when the call will take place. You also want to look for a reservationless service that lets you host calls 24/7 without scheduling in advance. 

Web controls that allow you to manage calls online offer several advantages. For instance, muting any participant’s audio is possible with a mute conference call button. Alternatively, the option to record the conversation makes it easy to refer back to the call for important information and input. 

Finally, choose a provider with a mobile app that enables the caller to login without entering any codes. The ability to join at the click of a button makes for a convenient user experience for participants.

The difference between an online meeting and conference call

Online meetings and conference calls are often thought of as the same thing, but the two are very different. A conference call uses just audio to connect several people at the same time. Their core purpose is to digitize legacy phone systems and make it easier to talk online.  In contrast, online meetings offer a more robust experience with HD audio, video, and screen sharing capabilities. 

International conference calls 

Many companies use conference call solutions to host international conference calls. The benefits these calls offer over legacy systems include: 

  • Lower rates.

  • The ability to communicate in real-time across time zones. 

  • Enhanced call quality. 

The potential for seamless, real-time communication across time zones is a selling point for many organizations looking to support remote workers. A company can communicate with participants overseas without spending a fortune.

A conference call service can also support international phone calls with minimal impact on audio quality. The enhanced clarity of a business conference call means more discussion, better collaboration, and fewer disruptions. 


Embrace borderless communication with conference calls

Hosting a business conference call gives you the ability to communicate with anyone, from anywhere. Audio conferencing solutions are invaluable to global enterprises working to achieve borderless communication.

Finding the right platform lets business owners sidestep the complications that come with organizing physical meetings and international phone calls. If you want to know how to set up a conference call, the best place to start is by asking your provider. GoToMeeting as conferencing services to meet your organization's needs.


Get answers to all of your questions.

Holding an Online Meeting

How many attendees can join a GoToMeeting conference call?
Depends on the GoToMeeting plan you pick! Up to 250 attendees can join if you have GoToMeeting Plus, our biggest option. Need more than that? GoToWebinar, can handle over 1000 participants.
How do you organize a conference call?
Organize a conference call with these 10 steps:
  1. Define the meeting agenda, complete with objectives.
  2. Determine a convenient time for all participants to meet.
  3. Send a calendar invite with the agenda and join instructions attached.
  4. Familiarize yourself with the meeting controls before the conference call.
  5. Join the conference call at least five minutes early.
  6. Give conference call participants some guidelines at the beginning of the call.
  7. Ask the participants questions to ensure understanding and engagement.
  8. Record ideas, feedback and questions that arise during the conference call.
  9. Conclude the meeting with action items.
  10. Send a follow-up email to all participants after the conference call.
How do I create a conference call?
To create a conference call, follow these steps:
  1. Create a conference call by first choosing a day and time that is convenient for participants.
  2. Invite conference call participants via email. Ensure they have the call-in information, any necessary audio PINs and the date and time.
  3. Begin the conference call at the scheduled date and time. Dial in or use the GoToMeeting app to join or start the conference call.
How do you create a recurring conference call?
To create a recurring conference call with GoToMeeting, follow these steps:
  1. Sign in to your GoToMeeting account.
  2. On the My Meetings page, click Schedule.
  3. In the “Occurs” drop-down menu, select “Occurs multiple times.”
  4. Finish any other selections for your meeting and then click Save.
What is the price for conference calls with GoToMeeting?
When billed annually, the prices for GoToMeeting are as follows:
  • GoToMeeting Starter: $14 per month (offers basic functionality)
  • GoToMeeting Pro: $29 per month (includes more participants, recording and transcripts)
  • GoToMeeting Plus: $39 per month (includes the most participants, plus InRoom Link capabilities)
Visit the GoToMeeting pricing page for full plan details.
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