The Easy Way to Create Your Own Personal Meeting Room

Your own personal meeting room is just a few clicks away - no matter where you are.

You don‘t need to clone yourself to be in multiple locations worldwide simultaneously. Nor do you need expensive telepresence systems with huge screens. All you need is an online meeting solution that works smoothly and provides a virtual meeting space.

We are talking about GoToMeeting. How does GoToMeeting do that? Usually a manager or employee starts their online meeting software and then invites the desired participants to join the session. The software generates a session—or virtual meeting room—that exists for the duration of the meeting. After the session has ended, the meeting room ceases to exist.

To create your own personal online meeting room, GoToMeeting generates a customizable virtual meeting room under the URL GoToMeet.Me, which will always be available to you at a fixed web address, for example Participants may only enter this room if the organizer or owner of the meeting room has started the conference—that is to say, the room owner must be present in their meeting room. They have effectively unlocked the door so that others may enter as well.


The advantages of a personal meeting room include:

Easy access for participants.
All you need to do is to send them the URL and the time of the meeting, if you have scheduled it for later.

Integration with your website.
Embed the link to your personal online meeting room on your website. If you want to hold an ad hoc meeting with one or more remote participants, just send them to your website.

Personalize your own meeting room.
Customize the colors of your “Meeting Room Door” according to your corporate design. Add a picture of yourself, or a logo of a new product that you want to present in the meeting. The possibilities are endless.

Impress clients and business partners.
Show them that you are innovative. Not only do you offer modern products and services, you are also far ahead in terms of technology and collaboration.

Available worldwide anytime, anywhere.
No matter where you are, you can bring your online meeting room with you. And it's also available anywhere your meeting participants happen to be.

Everything you need for your own personal mobile meeting room:

Don‘t worry, you don‘t have to be rich or famous to own a personal meeting room; you don‘t even need technical skills. If you have a license for GoToMeeting, your GoToMeet.Me room comes absolutely free.

Download your free trial of our video conferencing and online meeting solution.

How to get your own mobile meeting room in 4 simple steps:

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  1. Log on with your GoToMeeting credentials. If you don‘t have a GoToMeeting account, you can create one here.
  2. Log on by clicking the “Sign In“ button next to your user name and password.
  3. After you have agreed to the terms, click the “Sign me up!” button.
  4. You can now choose a name for your personal mobile meeting room. This can be your name or the name of your project team or department. If the desired name isn’t already in use, a check mark appears next to the input field and you can continue.
  5. What happens next? Your personal mobile meeting room receives a special meeting ID. Imagine this to be your key. If you are already using GoToMeeting, you can link your meeting page with an existing meeting ID. If you don‘t want to do that, you can create a new meeting ID to use specifically for your GoToMeet.Me page.
  6. Now click the “Create Your Page” button. Your meeting room is as good as ready.
  7. Next, you can customize the appearance of your “meeting room door.” This is the page your participants see when they arrive early, before you have opened the meeting. You could upload a picture of yourself, for example, and enter your job title or department. When you are finished, click “Save Your Information.”
  8. Finally, click the “Done” button.

Your online meeting room is now all set up and ready to go. From now on, you can invite people to your video conferences and online meetings using your personal meeting room URL. All your participants have to do is click on the URL.

Let‘s get started:

  • For any meeting to begin, you—as the meeting owner—have to start it. That means you are always the first participant. Until you open the meeting, invited participants will see the home screen of your personal online meeting room.
  • To unlock your online meeting room, just open a web browser, go to the web address of your personal meeting room and click “Start My Meeting.”
  • Tip: You can create several meeting rooms, in case you are a member of several project groups, for example. Just go to your personal meeting room and click on your name in the top right area of the screen. This will open the options page. In the left menu, click “Add a Meeting +.” Then just assign a name to your new meeting room.

Stay on the safe side with GoToMeeting:
GoToMeeting is as secure as it is easy. Your data is encrypted from using industry standards. After an online meeting, no session content persists (remains on the GoToMeeting servers), and GoToMeeting never saves any session data.

7 benefits of GoToMeeting for everyday communication:

  1. Works on Mac and PC—you and your participants can meet whenever necessary, regardless of operating system.
  2. Unlimited flexibility and accessibility while on the go, thanks to mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.
  3. High-resolution video conferences with individual participants or entire teams.
  4. Hold a video conference while simultaneously sharing screen content, either from your computer or that of another participant.
  5. Providing VoIP and telephone numbers simultaneously in the same session.
  6. Easy recording of your online meetings including VoIP and telephone audio.
  7. Intuitive and easy to use, with a clear, self-explanatory control panel.

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