Tips on Getting Started from GoToMeeting Customers

Use this advice to present like an old pro in your very first meeting.

Tips for scheduling your first online meeting

Tip 1. Download the mobile apps
Since you can join GoToMeeting sessions from your iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices, download the apps right away so, no matter where you are, you can always attend your meetings. You can even present and share webcam feeds on the iPad.
“[GoToMeeting] really is quite simple to hook up, and I’m particularly pleased with how the iPad app works. Our workforce is constantly on the move and often at a client site or working from home. The need for collaborative communication is paramount in the delivery of quality services to our clients, and GoToMeeting helps in making sure we don’t fall short of our commitments.”
- Patti McCreadie, Medical Web Technologies
Tip 2. Sign on early
Before your first meeting, try to sign on a few minutes early. Pull up your presentation, if you have one, and press the Share My Screen button. Turn on your webcam and check your background to make sure it’s clean. Roger Soman from has found that dedicating a few minutes to getting properly set up before the meeting starts saves valuable meeting time.

Tip 3. Set yourself up for quick meeting scheduling
You can optimize your workday by taking advantage of GoToMeeting scheduling features like the Outlook integration and GoToMeet.Me. Patti Creadie of Medical Web Technologies found that scheduling recurring online meetings allows for a quick and consistent join experience for everyone, and she can conveniently keep track of those meetings in her Outlook calendar. Setting up GoToMeet.Me gives you a custom web address to your “meeting room,” where attendees need only to click Join My Meeting to enter the meeting—no dial-in numbers, no meeting IDs.

Tip 4. Set your audio preferences
You’ll notice when you are scheduling your event that you are given several audio options, including VoIP and a variety of telephone options. GoToMeeting was built to accommodate different audio preferences and entry options, so choose the audio options that work best for your team. Norman Pappous of has found having a telephone audio options is particularly helpful when he has attendees join meetings from the road.
"The ability to choose between VoIP or local dial-in (even overseas) is great when you travel and have uncertain bandwidth availability."
- Norman Pappous,

Useful features to try during your online meetings

Tip 5. Share your screen
Working together is much simpler when everyone is looking at the same thing. Screen sharing accomplishes that task. You can also switch presenters mid-session to see an attendee’s screen or hand control to another speaker.
"GoToMeeting is the best way to view and control another attendee’s screen. Just make them the presenter and ask them to give you keyboard and mouse control on the GoToMeeting control panel."
- Patti McCreadie, Medical Web Technologies
Tip 6. Pause your screen
While sharing your screen in an online meeting, you may need to search for a file or check your inbox—but not want your meeting attendees to watch you the entire time. For those occasions, the pause feature comes in handy. When you press the pause button, screen sharing will pause on the content you had pulled up. From there you’re free to poke around your computer without distracting your attendees. When you’re ready to start sharing again, just press the play button. Pausing the screen is another feature that GoToMeeting customer McCreadie finds useful, because it allows for a seamless experience for everyone without compromising privacy.
“If you host a meeting, you can pause your screen at any time to continue working while waiting for attendees to join. Pausing your screen is also a good way to search for files or documents without attendees seeing your personal folders or emails.”
- Patti McCreadie, Medical Web Technologies
Tip 7. Send a chat message
The chat box in the GoToMeeting control panel lets you communicate privately with individual attendees or send group messages. You can chat to specific people without having to pause conversation, and you can review public chats and the ones sent directly to you after the meeting via the chat log. Noel Kullavanijaya of Equilibrium Capital found that chat makes it easy for her team to discreetly prompt speakers to get ready while in a meeting.

Get started with GoToMeeting now

GoToMeeting is an impactful tool that keeps your teams securely connected while increasing collaboration, reducing the stress and costs of commuting and decreasing the risk of miscommunication. Get started right away by downloading the mobile apps, setting up GoToMeet.Me and scheduling your recurring meetings.

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