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Tips to help make you a meeting pro.

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This interactive training covers key features, best practices and a live Q&A.

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Easily search articles, videos and user guides to find answers fast.


Meeting success starts here.

Prepare for your meeting with these three easy steps.

1. Create

Learn how to create your personalized meeting room.

2. Schedule Your Meeting

Learn how to schedule your first meeting.

3. Test Your System

Test your compatibility, internet connection and audio settings ahead of time.


These features will make your meetings seamless.

Meet with Ease
Start an unscheduled meeting anytime using the desktop app, web account or mobile apps.

Use Your Telephone
Connect to session audio by dialing in with your telephone.

Share Your Webcam
Meet face to face with session participants. Up to 25 different webcams can be shared during a session.

Use VoIP
Connect to session audio over the internet (VoIP) by using a microphone and speakers plugged into your computer or mobile device.

Follow up with these simple features.

Learn how to create recurring meetings and share your recordings in minutes.

Create Recurring Meetings

Learn how to create a recurring meeting that will always be available with the same meeting ID and phone number.

Share a Recording

Learn how to send out recordings of your meeting to those who weren't able to attend.


Discover new ways to meet better.

Meeting Transcriptions
Transcribe your recorded meetings automatically and share with attendees.

Meeting Lock
Add a layer of security to your meetings. Prevent unexpected attendees from joining your current session.

GoToMeeting Blog
Keep up with the latest GoToMeeting features, news and tips.

Call Me
Quickly join a meeting just by answering a phone call - no codes or PINs needed

Get everything you need for your conference room with this turnkey, all-in-one hardware and software kit.

GoToMeeting Slack Integration
Seamlessly transition from messaging to meeting right from a Slack channel

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