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If you’ve been putting off webinars, now’s the time to get in the game. Connecting with people in authentic ways is more important than ever, and the new GoToWebinar is making it easier than ever – and way more fun!


Success without the stress.

Planera, presentera, följ upp

Tycker du att det är bökigt och krångligt med webbseminarier? Med GoToWebinar slipper du allt det där. Du kommer snart att inse varför så många älskar GoToWebinar – oavsett vad du har för mål eller erfarenhet. Gå från förberedelse till presentation på några få steg – och ha kul under tiden.
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Plan in no time.

Scheduling and managing your webinars takes less work and fewer steps than you think. A mobile responsive design means you can work from any screen. Get going in no time.

Insights without spreadsheets.

Explore your webinar and attendee data, compare events, and measure success with key metrics. Then make your next event even better.

Webinars that keep working for you.

All your webinars are automatically saved, ready to use again and again. Create your own Channel page to conveniently store and share your webinars. Then publish on GoToStage to attract a bigger audience without lifting a finger.

See GoToWebinar in action.

Learn everything you need to be a successful webinar organizer. Submit questions to our experts and get answers in real time.