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How to Join a Webinar

Joining a webinar is free and easy to attend, with these three simple steps.

1. Register

Register for the webinar by clicking on the link in the email invite. You'll receive a confirmation email with a unique link to join the session. Click "Add to calendar" to ensure you don't miss the webinar.

2. Join

At the time of the webinar, click the join link in the confirmation email or your calendar invite. Alernatively enter the 9-digit code into the box above. You can join from any Mac or Windows computer to join with our iOS or Android mobile apps.

3. Watch

If you arrive before the organizer, you'll see a window confirming that you successfully connected. Once the organizer arrives the Webinar will begin.


Getting to Know GoToWebinar

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Having trouble joining your session?

I'm having trouble joining a webinar.
We're sorry you can't connect to your session! Let's see if we can fix that. Get Help.

How do I join a webinar from my mobile device?
Our mobile apps let you join webinars from anywhere using your iOS, Android and Windows devices. Learn more.

Do I need an account to join a webinar?
Joining a GoToWebinar is always free and you don't need an account to attend sessions.
What system requirements do I need to attend?
You can download and install the full-features desktop software on your Windows and Mac computer. Learn more.

Why isn't the GoToWebinar app download working?
This is most commonly due to a stuck process, application install issue, or driver conflict. To troubleshoot, get some advanced tips.

Still have questions?
Read our comprehensive guide on “How to join a webinar".