GoToWebinar with HDFaces Fact Sheet

High-definition video conferencing

GoToWebinar is the simple, self-service webinar tool that makes it easy to host large-scale online events.

Built-in HDFaces high-definition video conferencing adds an entirely new dimension to your webinars. Just one click and attendees can see your facial expressions and body language. They’ll be more interested and more engaged, so your presentation can have even more impact.
HDFaces allows up to six presenters to share their webcams from any location, so you can offer panel discussions or joint presentations. Best of all, it’s easy to use and comes with your GoToWebinar subscription at no additional cost.

Key benefits:

  • Engage your audience better by showing them your facial expressions
  • Co-present with up to six people
  • Conduct all-hands meetings from anywhere
  • Perform live, hands-on demonstrations.

Present, train and sell in high definition

Multi-presenter webinars: Keep your audience engaged during your webinar. Up to six organizers, presenters and panelists are able to share their webcam during an event session, helping the audience connect personally to the speakers of the session.

Large training events: Give employees more than just a voice and a screen. Video conferencing humanizes the people leading large training events and all- hands meetings.

Sales and product demonstrations: Perform a live, hands-on product demonstration for a big audience. Put a face to a name and build trust to close more business.

GoToWebinar with HDFaces includes:

No additional cost: HDFaces is included with all GoToWebinar subscriptions at no additional cost.

Combined video and screen sharing: View up to 6 video streams from organizers, presenters and panelists, plus a shared document, presentation or application on the same screen.*

Multistream HD technology: Provides up to 6 streams at a resolution of 640p x 480p each, for a total maximum resolution of 1920p x 960p. One-click video conferencing: Start sharing your webcam with a single click.

Bandwidth optimization: Automatically adjusts to the available bandwidth and hardware resources of each participant to provide the best possible user experience.

Resizable viewer and layouts: Video layout can be adapted to virtually any PC or Mac monitor and projection configuration.

No proprietary hardware configuration: Most HD-capable webcams will support HDFaces.

Organizer video controls: Mute/unmute, dismiss or request video from other presenters and panelists directly from their video feeds.

Secure 128-bit AES encryption: Video streams receive the same industry- standard SSL and U.S. government standard protection as the rest of the online meeting.

Mac and PC support: Mac and PC users alike can share their webcams over HDFaces.

*The HD video conferencing feature is available to customers with an active subscription or trial account to GoToWebinar.

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