GoToWebinar Fact Sheet

How to Host a Webinar and Other GoToWebinar Facts and Tips

Present to hundreds, simply.

GoToWebinar makes communication with prospects, employees, partners and customers easier and more efficient than any webinar product available today. Host unlimited webinars — including HD video conferencing — for one flat rate. You can give presentations, perform product demonstrations and deliver company wide messages to up to 1,000 attendees any time and anywhere.

How to Host a Webinar

Before you can host your webinar session, sign in to your GoToWebinar account. Your scheduled webinars will be listed under “My Webinars” — click the “Start” button next to the webinar session you want to start. To host an instant session, click the “Host a Webinar” button and you’ll begin hosting immediately.

When hosting a webinar, make sure you follow these important steps:

  • Choose a date and time for your webinar, considering time zones for attendees
  • Choose your webinar topic and invite guest speakers if appropriate
  • Create a hashtag for webinar promotion
  • Send out your webinar invitation and begin promoting your event on your website, social channels, etc.
  • Build webinar content like your slide deck and any handouts for the webinar
  • Do a practice run of your webinar
  • Showtime! Host your webinar, making sure to record it
  • Follow up with your attendees within 24 hours
  • Make your webinar recording available as an ongoing lead generation tactic

Easy do-it-yourself interface

Plan: Just fill out a simple form and GoToWebinar will create your invitation email and registration page.
Present: Conduct your presentation from your desktop just as if you were there in person. Use HD video conferencing (up to 6 presenters can share their webcam), hand raising, polls, Q&A and surveys to engage and monitor audience members.
Profit: GoToWebinar is simple to use, so you’ll be able to deliver more webinars, reach more people and generate greater returns.

The best value in web conferencing

GoToWebinar flat-fee pricing allows you to conduct as many webinars as you want, so you can make the most of your investment. Integrated VoIP and toll-based phone options eliminate audio costs, while the recording feature allows you to draw value from your event long after it’s over. Plus, GoToWebinar comes with a GoToMeeting subscription at no additional cost.

Key benefits

Reach and qualify more prospects, more often.Present to more people in less time.Conduct more cost-effective company-wide meetings.Reduce travel and operational costs.Engage audience with HD video conferencing


HDFaces vide conferencing: Share up to six presenter/panelist webcams to engage and make a lasting impression with your attendees.
Mobile Attendance: Your audience can attend GoToWebinar and GoToMeeting sessions from a smartphone or tablet using the free GoToMeeting app available on the App Store and Google Play.
Automated Email Templates: Using your webinar description, GoToWebinar will craft your email invitations, confirmations and reminders for you; or you can customize them to reflect your own branding.
Customized Branding: Upload your company logo and a custom image to show your brand on all webinar materials.
Full-Service Registration: GoToWebinar will host your registration page and send you weekly registration reports.
Unlimited Audio: Add OpenVoice Integrated toll-free service to provide your audience with a toll-free phone option or use included VoIP and toll-based phone options to reduce audio costs.
Pre-Webinar Practice Sessions: Practice your presentation before your event begins to make sure everything goes as planned.
Webinar Dashboard: Monitor webinar attendance, interest and participation using at-a-glance dashboard charts.
Desktop/Application Sharing: Broadcast a view of either your desktop or specific application to webinar attendees.
Change Presenters or Panelists: Use multiple presenters and panelists at your webinar to boost audience interest.
Polling & Survey: Get audience feedback by launching polls and surveys.
Question & Answer Window: Attendees can ask questions and get responses in real time.
Webinar Reports: Use webinar reports to identify your most effective webinars and replicate your successful efforts.
Desktop Recording/Webinar Playback: Record your webinar — including audio — and play it back later for additional audiences.
Automated Follow-Up Emails: Maintain contact with attendees by having GoToWebinar send follow-up emails to all registrants after the webinar is over.
Mac Support: Mac users can both host and join GoToWebinar events.
Security: End-to-end 128-bit AES encryption safeguards all login information and webinar session data.

Try it free! Sign up for a free trial today at Please check the website for pricing and plan options. Need GoToWebinar for multiple users? Call 1 800 372 62071 800 372 6207 FREE or visit to request a demo of administrative features available for multi-user accounts.

Need to conduct events for over 1,000 attendees? GoToWebcast, our self-service SaaS-based webcasting product, allows users to broadcast audio or video presentations to live and on-demand audiences of up to 5,000 viewers.

Toll-free audio service. Add OpenVoice Integrated toll-free service to provide your audience with a toll-free phone option. (Requires additional purchase.)

Are you a trainer? GoToTraining has features specifically for you, including a hosted course catalog, tests and materials download and an integrated timer. Visit for more information.