Screen sharing made simple

Share your whole computer screen or just a specific application.


What is screen sharing?

Online screen sharing allows remote employees and meeting attendees have access to your computer screen, so they can see what you're presenting in real time. It's an effective tool for internal and external communication, especially when visuals are needed.

User-Friendly and Effective Screen Sharing

Showcase final design ideas and presentations to clients and walk them through your thought process, from conception to final product.

Ramp up Productivity and Creative Brainstorming

The split screen feature enables your team to review ideas, campaigns, and sketches and offer edits before presenting the final product to clients.

Train New Team Members

You can save time by presenting live to several people at once, instead of scheduling one-on-one onboarding sessions.

Presenter shares his screen to team using GoToMeeting

Increase context, engagement and efficiency in your meetings.

Strengthen communication.

With just one click, our screen sharing tool instantly enables you to better communicate with meeting participants.

Present, train, demo and collaborate.

Presenting is simple with screen sharing capabilities. Whether you’re giving a presentation or a demo, working together on a project or training a new employee, screen sharing makes the job easier.

Empower remote workers.

Share your screen while on a conference call to help remote workers feel like they’re right there in the meeting room.

Take meetings on the go.

Today’s screen sharing works on any device, from your web browser and in mobile apps. So no matter where work takes you, you can stay connected with meeting participants and get more done.

Why GoToMeeting?

Screen sharing made easy.

Screen sharing doesn’t need to be difficult. With GoToMeeting you can easily screen share regardless of the device you’re using. Whether it’s a smartphone, tablet or computer, GoToMeeting makes screen sharing a breeze.

Easy to use

GoToMeeting’s screen sharing capabilities are simple and seamless, regardless of your operating system. In fact, you get the same powerful experience in our mobile app that you do through our web browser and desktop apps.

Globally adopted

Millions all over the world use GoToMeeting to collaborate effectively.


With GoToMeeting, you can rest assured that your conversations are kept confidential and secure.

GoToMeeting screen sharing feature on mobile phone

Powerful screen sharing technology

GoToMeeting screen sharing comes with many options, including recording, drawing tools and presenter switching. All meeting participants using an app, web browser or desktop can share their screen with ease. Better collaboration through powerful screen sharing technology is possible with GoToMeeting on your side.
GoToMeeting screen sharing quarterly report during virtual meeting

Web browser screen sharing

Web-based screen sharing doesn’t just connect you quickly – it also opens the meeting to many more people. Some meeting solutions struggle with firewall permissions and platform support, which can stop you from starting meetings and prevent others from joining. GoToMeeting solves the problem by offering easy screen sharing in the Chrome web browser. That means anyone in a software-restricted environment or on a unique operating system can see your screen sharing without installing an app.
GoToMeeting screen sharing on web browser

Full screen or individual apps

Choose exactly what you want to show on your screen with GoToMeeting. Whether you’d like to share your entire monitor or just an individual app, we have the screen sharing features to support it.
Unlike the often grainy, choppy picture you get with some free screen sharing applications, GoToMeeting screen sharing is HD quality with live bandwidth adjustment to ensure enhance the meeting experience is always smooth.

Choose to share entire monitor or a specific application

Everything you need to present from your device.

To make your meetings successful, sharing screens is just the start, which is why GoToMeeting offers a variety of professional features:

Robust organizer controls

GoToMeeting organizers can share their screen and webcam, manage attendees and invite others to join the meeting.

Multiplatform support

GoToMeeting works on many different platforms, including tablets, laptops, desktops and smartphones. Whether it’s Android or iOS, Mac or PC, GoToMeeting does it all.

Drawing tools

Enhance collaboration with drawing tools that allow you to highlight certain sections of your screen or presentation.

Single-click meetings

Start meetings with just one click for instant collaboration with co-workers or customers.

Scheduling and calendar integration

Schedule a GoToMeeting session from your Microsoft or Google calendar in just seconds with our scheduling plugins.

Seamless recording

Record your meeting with the push of a button and easily share it as a link with those who weren’t able to attend.


Collaborate from anywhere.

Meet with others while you’re on the go. With the GoToMeeting app for iPad or iPhone, you’ll never miss a crucial meeting again. Join in a tap and share your screen to better engage all meeting attendees and keep everyone on the same page.

See the screen clearly

Screen sharing on an iPhone or iPad can make things hard to see, so double-tap or pinch anywhere to adjust the zoom as you need.

Present from your iPhone or iPad

With GoToMeeting for iPhone or iPad, you can host mobile demos, show a mobile app experience and more right within your meeting.

Easily switch iOS devices

Just got back to your desktop? You can seamlessly move between your iPhone or iPad and your Mac without having to leave the meeting.

Share GoToMeeting screen with an iPad or iPhone

Hold meetings in the palm of your hand.

Whether you need to schedule, join or conduct a meeting on the go, GoToMeeting Android app puts everything you need right at your fingertips. Connect with anyone in seconds and take care of business through screen sharing, video conferencing and more.

Turn off notifications

Incoming messages or alerts can make things distracting, so be sure to block notifications in your phone’s settings before you start presenting.

Use a headset

Rather than turn on speakerphone when you’re screen sharing, plug in a headset with a built-in mic to ensure your voice comes through clearly.

Pass presenter control

Someone else have something to present? Tap the More icon next to an attendee’s name and select the option to Make Presenter.

GoToMeeting Android app allows screen sharing

Watch how to share your screen.

View a quick demo of how an organizer in GoToMeeting can present their screen in real time from our full-feature app for desktops.


Don’t miss a beat in your next meeting.

How to share your screen on Mac OS.

Want more in-depth instruction on how to share your screen on you Mac? Learn how to turn on screen sharing and start presenting from anywhere.


How to share your screen on Android

Trying to share your screen on an Android device? Learn how to start and stop sharing your screen on Android, as well as how to pass presenter controls to other meeting participants with ease.


Named best video conferencing solution

Learn why GoToMeeting has been listed as the best video conferencing software for three years running. See what sets us apart from the competition.

Read the blog

Real-world sales success.

Athena Software, a provider of case management software, uses GoToMeeting screen sharing software for sales demos:


Get answers to all of your questions.

What is screen sharing?
Screen sharing refers to the act of sharing your computer screen with other participants in online meetings or presentations. Online screen sharing is available at the click of a button in many online meeting platforms and apps, including GoToMeeting. Most online meeting providers will allow you to screen share from any device as well.
What are some useful tips for screen sharing?
  • Test the screen sharing feature before your first the meeting
  • Notify meeting participants before sharing your screen
  • Turn off any desktop notifications so they don’t interrupt your screen sharing
  • Ensure your internet connection is solid
  • Have any necessary documents or files set to go
Can someone else in my meeting share their screen?
Yes. GoToMeeting's "Presenter Swap" feature lets any attendee present and share their screen without the host having to select a participant and pass presenter. Learn more
How do I screen share if I use the GoToMeeting web application?
It’s easy to screen share using the GoToMeeting web app. On Firefox, you’ll be ready to go right when you join. On Chrome, you’ll need the GoToMeeting Pro Screensharing Chrome extension first. In order to screen share:
  1. Click the Screen icon.
  2. Select an option for sharing your screen.
  3. To stop screen sharing, click the Screen icon again.
  4. To invite another participant to screen share, select their name from the attendee list and click Make Presenter.
Can I share my Mac screen?
Yes, with a GoToMeeting account, you can share your Mac screen with people on any other device. It’s simple to screen share on a Mac – just click the Screen icon in the GoToMeeting toolbar. For more information on how to share screen on a Mac and what you can do, visit this page.
Can you share your iPhone screen?
Yes, with GoToMeeting, you can share your iPhone screen. Meeting attendees on other iPhones, as well as Android or desktop devices, will see what you present in real time. For more information on screen sharing from iPhone, visit this page.
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